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5 compelling reasons why open source software is brilliant | Learning Pool

Learning Pool thinks Open Source Software is brilliant for the public sector. This blog post from Paul McElvaney gives 5 compelling reasons why.

The term ‘open source’ means that the source code of an application can be downloaded and modified by any software developer.

The open source model harnesses collective knowledge and expertise and its popularity facilitates software evolution in a rapidly changing environment. Its license, or terms of use, also guarantees the right to access to use, reuse and redistribute the software with no royalty costs. This is in contrast to closed proprietary software which restricts these rights.

Our Learning Pool Platform is a  distribution of Moodle, the leading open source learning platform. Our Moodle certified developers continually enhance existing functionality to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our strong commitment to open source means that our customers’ subscriptions are for the service we provide, not software licensing.

Here are five compelling reasons why open source software is brilliant.

1. Future-proofing

With open source software, users don’t pay licence fees on a ‘per user’ basis so they are not left with redundant licences. This reduces the risk of longer term financial implications.

2. Security and Reliability

Because open source software is available publicly, a large number of developers contribute and analyse the code. This peer review process constantly increases the quality and makes it more secure. The DLE  for example can be scrutinised by anyone and can easily be reviewed against an organisations internal policies and standards.

3. User-friendly interface

By virtue of their collaborative design, many user-facing open source products are intuitive for the user.

4. Updates

The ever-growing Moodle community of developers and users, just like our customers, means that Moodle is fast to respond to web 2.0 trends. With thousands of development projects on the go at any given time, open source in general is more reliable with faster updates.

5. Low-cost

You don’t pay for software licensing so acquisition, implementation and development costs are typically lower than for proprietary software.

Learning Pool’s subscription costs reflect:

  • access to a catalogue of e-learning modules
  • the ability to create and repurpose modules using our Learning Pool Authoring
  • ongoing enhancements to the Moodle software
  • Learning Pool Learning Platform customised branding
  • Moodle certified customer support team
  • dedicated Learning Consultant

The advantages of open source learning

Compared to proprietary alternatives, open source software can be more cost effective, more secure and easier to maintain and develop as organisations needs grow.

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