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5 measures to promote employee resilience in companies

A Gartner study on the sustainability of employee engagement and productivity

In 2020, the way companies work has greatly changed to meet new customer demands and create new value. It’s time to rethink how work gets done and who does it, so companies can anticipate and respond to change and disruption.

Many HR managers expect a high level of commitment and dedication from their employees. However employee engagement alone cannot ensure that a company continues to meet changing business needs. A company must be able to dynamically “reconfigure” talents and resources, meaning employees and processes must be adapted to changing priorities. This employee resilience is difficult to achieve as most companies are still highly focused on capturing scale, efficiency and reducing costs.

The Gartner study shows that the following five actions enable a more resilient organisation:

  • Have a dynamic approach to retrain and redeploy talent.
  • Find talent that has a tangible impact on the business.
  • Design work so employees are more responsive.
  • Leverage the new hybrid workforce.
  • Apply agile principles and approaches to HR projects and HR operating models.

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