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9 overlooked benefits of just-in-time online training libraries

Are you giving your employees the “moment of need” online training resources they require to get the job done? In this article, I’ll share 9 unexpected advantages of just-in-time online training libraries.

Your employees need ongoing support to bridge gaps and address areas for improvement.  Τhis can be a challenging task when you have a geographically dispersed workforce.  Fortunately, there is a way to provide your staff with round-the-clock online training resources that are personalized, interactive, and engaging.  Here are 9 overlooked benefits of creating just-in-time online training libraries for your remote employees.

1. Reduce online training seat time

In traditional online training environments, employees have to wait until the next scheduled session to address performance issues.  By then, unfavourable behaviours or inaccurate information may be ingrained into memory, which means more online training time in order to remedy the problem.  “Moment of need” online training repositories give employees the chance to explore topics on the spot.  Thus, they don’t need to spend as much time in formal training.

2. Improve online training ROI

Less online training seat time equals more time on the job, which means greater profits and productivity.  All of this translates into an increase in online training ROI, as you don’t need to devote as many payroll hours to L&D.  Not to mention, employees get more from the online training experience because they can target specific areas for improvement.

3. Increase employee engagement

Just-in-time online training libraries allow employees to concentrate on their own gaps and desired outcomes, instead of trying to keep pace with their peers or expressing concerns in a public online discussion.  For example, they can discuss skill gaps in a social media group or during a scheduled online training activity.  Thus, employees are more motivated to actively participate and play a vital role in their own L&D.  Just-in-time online training libraries give them any time, anywhere access to meaningful online training resources that resonate with them.

4. Bridge performance gaps

Microlearning online training libraries that feature distinct categories allow employees to find information quickly.  In some cases, they may even help them identify performance gaps that stand in the way, especially when you include self-assessments or online training simulations that test practical application of knowledge.  Employees can use targeted online training resources to bridge performance gaps on their own terms.  They can choose, in other words, the online training activities that cater to their personal preferences or needs.

5. Improve real-world application

Online training isn’t truly effective unless employees can use their knowledge and skills in the workplace.  As such, just-in-time online training libraries must facilitate real-world application.  Branching scenarios, online training simulations, real-world examples, and serious games are just a few examples of real-world activities that allow employees to form a connection between theory and practice, instead of simply acquiring knowledge.  Just-in-time online training libraries also feature bite-sized online training resources that are intended for immediate consumption.  As a result, employees can get the information they need and apply it right away, thereby improving knowledge retention and recall.

In most cases, just-in-time online training libraries feature mobile-friendly materials that are accessible from anywhere in the world, even when your employees are out on a sales call and need specific information about a new product.  They remove geographical limitations, encouraging employees to continually expand their knowledge and expertise.

7. Improve employee retention

Employees know that just-in-time online training libraries are there for them whenever the need arises.  They also know that your organization is willing and ready to invest in their professional development.  Thus, they are more likely to stay with the company and continue to develop their talents, which benefits your bottom line in the long run.  This also saves you the time and trouble of training new employees to replace your top performers.  A just-in-time online training repository increases staff satisfaction and allows them to actively participate in the online training experience instead of sitting on the sidelines and letting their gaps get the better of them.

8. Easier to upkeep

Just-in-time online training libraries are much easier to maintain, especially if you have a rapid eLearning authoring tool to help you update your eLearning content.  You can also quickly expand your bite-sized online training library with curated eLearning content.  For example, you can post links to articles, videos, and online training tutorials that centre on common work-related challenges.  That said, it’s essential to evaluate your just-in-time online training library from time to time and clear off the shelves when necessary.  For example, omit certain sections of the online training repository that are no longer relevant, or add more online training activities based on LMS metrics and employee feedback.

Mistakes used to be hurdles that prevented employees from achieving their potential and improving on-the-job performance.  Just-in-time online training libraries transform these stumbles into opportunities to grow and focus on areas of improvement. When an employee encounters an issue in the workplace, they can turn to the just-in-time online training library to see what went wrong and how they can overcome the challenge in order to achieve their goals.

Top tip to create successful just-in-time online training libraries

All of these benefits hinge on one very important factor: personalization.  Employees must be able to access online training resources that are relevant and real-world centred.  More importantly, they have to centre on practical skills and knowledge that employees need to tackle everyday challenges.  Research your audience to explore their backgrounds, preferences, and expectations.  Then use this data to develop online training resources that personalize the online training process, such as simulations and branching scenarios which allow them to hone work-related skills and build practical experience.  You should also gather continual feedback from employees to modify or expand your just-in-time online training library based on their needs.

Just-in-time online training libraries may take time to build up. Then there’s the small matter of having to maintain them over time.  However, the benefits are well worth the effort, as you have the power to retain your top talent, improve knowledge retention, and bridge gaps.

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