2,500 years of learning theory from Donald Clark

For many people the phrase ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ reminds them of a 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western film starring Clint Eastwood. For Donald Clark those words formed an integral part of his ‘2500 Years of Learning Theory’ keynote address at Learning Pool Live this year.

You can now watch Donald’s keynote in it’s entirety below and hear why he was suspicious about learning theory at the very beginning of his career:

Donald treated delegates to a whistle-stop tour of learning theories throughout the centuries. As you’ll see from his presentation below, he took what he saw as the good parts of learning theory during this time and applied them to the role technology has to play in learning.

Donald’s take on Spaced Practice and Encore

You’ll see and hear Donald mention the concept of spaced practice in his keynote and it forms one of his 10 facts about learning that are scientifically proven. Based upon this concept is mobile learning that provides the learner with content that is time delayed from the moment they take the initial learning.

This approach is designed to support blended learning, so having completed an e-learning module or attended a training event, learners will receive ongoing performance support over time via their mobile.



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