Measure, adapt and predict

Trust has become an influential competitive advantage. And establishing trust is precisely why compliance was created. But compliance training is still a perceived burden. That’s because it’s built for outdated forms of data such as completion rates, time spent on learning, and surveys, none of which provide the intelligence that trust is built on. By using predictive insights and behavioral intelligence to deliver personalized learning experiences, we’re making compliance smarter.

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Adaptive Learning
time saving

Reduce seat time by up to 50%

Personalizing the learning journey returns hard savings back to the business.

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Guarantee 100% topic mastery

Proprietary algorithms can prove that every learner is performance-ready.

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Meeting regulatory standards

Adherence to key standards from the Department of Justice and Serious Fraud Office means you can count on integrity.

An ecosystem-approach to mastery

Scenario-based training, practice, analysis, and reinforcements all help trainers avoid choosing between standardization and personalization. And advanced analytics help you to report out on how learner performance is impacting the metrics that matter to the leaders of your organization through intuitive, actionable dashboards.

adaptive learning paths

Go from a cost-center to a strategic driver

Predictive insights

Get actionable insight on where compliance failures are most likely to happen.

Targeted remediation

Identify specific segments of your employee population that need extra support, and on what risk areas.

Actionable solutions

After identifying your risk areas and blind spots, launch support materials like micro courses and toolkits within segments of your population that need the help.

Strategic reporting

Go beyond usage metrics or incidents and violations: drive strategic discussion on how your intelligence work is proactively uncovering and remediating gaps (and yielding millions to the bottom line).

Proven revenue and culture impact

Give back revenue-generating hours while building a culture of ethics and trust that can grow without disruptors.

Long-term performance

Sustain risk-topic-mastery in every employee – and helps compliance teams create organizational value.

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