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Difficult workplace conversations are not only uncomfortable to have, they can have serious HR, legal, and performance implications for an organization. Experienced professionals know that conducting them successfully takes practice. AI Conversations is a breakthrough Generative AI capability that allows users to practice workplace conversations with an AI-powered character. Learners receive convincing, conversational responses consistent with the traits of a character, and get detailed, personalized feedback to help them improve.

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AI Conversations

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Voice of the learner

“Great tool! It’s so hard to practice these techniques, as you need real life environments and scenarios, this ticked those boxes! The future of learning!“


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“I found it very easy to use and super cool. I’m excited to show it to my boss.”


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“In terms of using AI in a way that has real-world application, this is massive. It’s beyond anything else I’ve seen.”

Off-The-Shelf Scenarios

AI Conversations Capabilities

The Managing Performance Collection is designed to offer managers a safe and supportive environment to practice communicating with their team and to sharpen their leadership skills. The collection of scenarios was built in partnership with MindTools to ensure the fidelity of AI responses.

Scenarios include:

  • Managing Resistance To Hybrid Work Requirements
  • Managing A Disengaged Member Of Your Virtual Team
  • Goal Setting With The GROW Coaching Model
  • Getting A Project Back On Schedule
  • Delegating Customer Service Tasks
  • Managing Poor Performance

Custom Scenarios

AI Conversations

Learning Pool’s expert learning experience design team can craft scenarios relevant to your business. Each scenario is configured to your specification in order to maximize its impact.

In addition to your preferred topic, the following can be configured to your liking:

  • Context: Industry, Learner role, Terminology, Background
  • Characters: Role, Traits, Backstory
  • Assessment framework: Goals, Scoring aid

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AI Conversations more effective than alternative approaches?

Human interaction is incredibly difficult to simulate and scale. AI Conversations changes this by using the GPT 4 Large Language Model (LLM), by OpenAI, to generate limitless possible responses to any given learner communication. These responses can be tailored to fit any combination of character attributes, from their mood (“frustrated”, “sad”) to their role and tenure with an organization.

This produces the effect of an authentic, improvised exchange between two people, with all the sensitivities that come with challenging workplace conversations. There’s essentially no limit to the number of unique interactions a learner can have. That’s how you turn training into practice and create genuine impact.

How have you built AI Conversations to be as safe and secure as possible?

Our agreement with OpenAI includes strict usage policies that prohibits speech that invokes hate, harassment, threats, self-harm, sexual content or violence. Any inputs that go against this policy will be filtered by us and flagged. Our agreement with OpenAI also ensures that any inputs from our users will not be used to train the model. Our partnership with MindTools also allows us to address risks inherent with all large-language models. MindTools has worked with and tested our scenarios to increase the likelihood of a clear, accurate response from the AI character. Our scenarios operate within Learning Pool’s normal data security processes. We’re able to use standard contract language and all data protection rules/agreements apply.

How much does it cost?

Our Off-The-Shelf scenarios are available on a usage-based licensing model. Our team can help you estimate the right level of access for your organization. Pricing of our custom scenarios is subject to a scoping process that we use to determine not only usage, but the level of configuration necessary to meet the unique needs of the organization.

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