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A.G. Barr is an FTSE250 Company that has been manufacturing and distributing some of the UK’s best-loved soft drinks and refreshments since 1875.



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A.G. Barr is an FTSE250 Company that has been manufacturing and distributing some of the UK’s best-loved soft drinks and refreshments since 1875. Currently employing 900+ employees across the UK, A.G. Barr recognize the need to continually invest in their employees to increase skills, develop talent, and support the delivery of ambitious business objectives. Learning Pool Platform is a key ingredient that underpins the delivery of learning via a platform that is scalable, sustainable and flexible enough to support AG Barr’s needs and, ultimately, their growth. Their aim is to have a learning platform that is as phenomenal as their products.


Founded in 1875

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900 Employees


After a successful roll-out of their learning platform in 2012, feedback from employees was extremely positive. This was reflected in the growing usage figures as well as increased demand for content and bespoke learning projects across the business.

In February 2016, new projects were planned for the year ahead which would rely on key features of the Learning Pool Platform, as well as a well-structured expanding catalog of content.

It was identified that the structure and tracking of content needed to be revisited and examined to ensure that the system was future-proof for the delivery of planned projects and beyond while meeting new tracking and reporting requirements.



With future projects in mind and in order to maintain momentum, A.G. Barr worked with Learning Pool to examine the ways the courses and learning content were organized and presented in the platform with the aim of ensuring that content would continue to be easy to access, find, and use from a learner’s perspective, no matter their technological experience or the amount of time they have been with the business. This led to a content re-mapping and restructuring exercise and new, fresh dashboard designs were commissioned which would reflect the ethos of the content re-structuring. The new design and structure would be re-launched with an internal promotional campaign by mid-March 2016.



“We are consistently

surprised at what

Learning Pool Platform

is capable of.”


Lindsay Barrie, Learning & Development Manager

The flexibility the platform offers when it comes to delivering bespoke learning projects based on our competencies, management and leadership frameworks, and our performance management toolkit is unrivalled. The use of open badges and the introduction of our new single-click analytics dashboard has added a new level of transparency. It has given our learners a fresh injection of enthusiasm and has streamlined the delivery of on-demand learning across the business and facilitated far more efficient reporting and administration.”