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Amway is an American multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products.

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Amway is an American direct selling company that manufactures and sells over 450 health, beauty, and home care products. The company was founded in 1959 and now operates in over 100 countries, employing 16,000 staff who, in turn, support around 4 million business owners.

Around 2016, Amway needed to review its content authoring environment as the in-house team was doing a great deal of time-consuming custom development. There was also a large use of Flash which needed to be addressed for browser reasons. They looked for a partner that offered an authoring tool that would enable them to customize content in order to match the user interface of their existing content.


With its industry-leading Stream Authoring tool, Learning Pool was the right partner to carry out the adaptations to allow Amway to create content with the same user experience as their existing content. An initial five licenses to the authoring tool were purchased and, in partnership with Learning Pool, they set out to create content to support their Artistry Brand and product lines. The brochure-style content pieces are known as Product Conversation cards and they are designed to act as both self-paced learning, a tool to support a sale, and a leave-behind presentation for the potential buyer. It allowed the business owners to talk intelligently and accurately about the products and ensure the brand is protected and presented properly. The content incorporated the six-step selling process the business owners needed to walk through, from identifying a need through to pricing, an area that was identified as problematic and often left out of the conversation. Learning Pool worked with Amway’s partners and developed additional functionality to allow for social selling and specific video content. There are now approximately 140 content pieces of this kind, across various product ranges. The content is translated into 25 different languages to support Amway’s global markets. 

Licenses for Stream Authoring have now been extended to 100 authors and over 10,000 content modules have been created. 

At Amway, we have a very complex business model, with huge numbers of business owners to support. Our authored product content has been hugely successful in supporting these people and it aids the selling process and supports the brand reputation. The creation of the content is a real team effort between our authors, writing partners, translation agencies, and the Learning Pool development team who put the content together for us. With so many authors around the globe, we have created a slick process where we can share content with a region and they are able to copy it and make localized changes that they need to. Over our five-year relationship with Learning Pool, we together have built what we believe to be one of the largest content libraries out there.

Eric Kuhn
Lead Training and Development Consultant

The Results

The feedback from the business owners to the authored content has been extremely positive, both from a content point of view, the speed at which the training for new products is released, and the ease at which they are able to access the material without a separate sign in. Uptake on the content is excellent and the content receives millions of views. 

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