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BASIS Registration provides industry-leading qualifications, professional membership registers and auditing within the UK Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition sectors.

United Kingdom
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BASIS Registration is an independent organisation providing industry-leading qualifications, professional membership registers and auditing within the UK Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition sectors.



To support their 5500 agronomist members, BASIS operated a membership hub and learning platform, both from external suppliers. Neither were meeting their changing needs and they had little ownership or control over them. 

Funding for farmers is going through much change with new funding schemes set to have more of an environmental focus. This is just one of the reasons that BASIS needed to provide its members with a more flexible learning solution. 

The Solution

As BASIS was looking for a learning experience rather than just content, they chose Learning Pool’s Stream Learning Suite and its Stream Authoring tool.  The system, known as Basis Classroom, houses their learning content which is provided in partnership with manufacturing organisations and other independent organisations, such as the water authorities and Defra. 

Much of this legacy content was produced in a very static way, primarily presentations with a voiceover. Stream Authoring is used to reauthor this content into more engaging, searchable content pieces, with assessments that can be measured. It also offers the ability to search within the actual content, giving members an enhanced learning experience. Members can view and choose CPD accredited content and gain points to aid their professional development. 

As a professional membership organisation, Stream Learning Suite gives BASIS the power to not only push out learning content but also to evolve the system into a professional community. As well as using it as a learning resource, they will also be able to share experiences and content with others. The search functionality both within the platform and deeper within the content will be key to providing this, giving members a self-directed learning approach. 

The Response

We have been very pleased with how the rollout of Basis Classroom has gone. Learning Pool has worked closely with us to understand how we want the system to work and has been very responsive to our needs. We are looking forward to integrating the platform into our new digital membership hub and in time, opening up paid content to a wider audience.


Tanya Kesterton
Head of Digital Learning


The Basis Classroom has received very positive feedback, with 92% of members saying they would recommend the new format courses to others. They have seen increased learning engagement, shown by the 1300 course completions achieved in the first two months. Stream has allowed BASIS to share video content and webinars in a more controlled manner, rather than publishing on YouTube, which has allowed members to collect CPD points for watching. 

BASIS Registration has an approved trainer network that delivers accredited training and they too have been very positive about the platform and the content, resulting in them engaging with the L&D team about creating content in new areas. 

The next stages of development for the platform will be to include additional membership communities, such as Pest Controllers, where there are around 3500 members. 

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