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BASIS Registration provides industry-leading qualifications, professional membership registers and auditing within the UK Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition sectors.

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BASIS Registration is a charitable organisation committed to raising professional standards across land management and food production by supporting people and businesses with industry-leading qualifications, professional registers and auditing schemes. They are constantly seeking new opportunities to improve its membership service offer.



Investing heavily in updating its digital infrastructure with the development of a new digital membership hub, BASIS was looking for a flexible online learning solution that could integrate with this new hub to host online CPD opportunities for over 6,000 agronomist members.

In addition, there was a requirement to provide open access to a wider range of online courses for the new BASIS educational programmes that are being designed to support the agricultural industry with the introduction of the new government Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes. The introduction of these reforms represents the biggest change to farming and land management in 50 years.

The Solution

Looking to offer overall learning experiences rather than just content, the company implemented Learning Pool’s Stream LXP alongside its content authoring tool. The system, known as BASIS Classroom, houses its learning content which is developed in partnership with leading industry expertise. Members can view and choose CPD accredited content and gain points to aid their professional development. 

Stream’s content authoring tool is used to author this content into engaging, searchable pieces, with assessments that can be measured. The use of the authoring tool in conjunction with Stream LXP gives the ability to search within the actual content, giving members an enhanced learning experience, which is key to providing members with a self-directed learning approach.

The Response

The BASIS Classroom has quickly established itself as a new way to gain knowledge on a wide range of matters dealing crop protection, crop nutrition, application practice, environmental matters and IPM. Learning Pool has worked closely with us to understand how we want the system to work and have been responsive to our needs.


Tanya Kesterton
Head of Digital Learning


The BASIS Classroom, launched in September 2021, now hosts 16 online courses and 12 webinars dealing with subjects as diverse as regenerative agriculture and the sustainable farming incentive.

Member engagement is high with 9,400 completions achieved by the end of July 2022. Feedback from members has been extremely positive, with 94% of members saying they would recommend the new format courses to others.

The release of BASIS’s new Principles of Sustainable Land Management course is the first step in opening up the BASIS Classroom to a wider audience interested in the use of an integrated approach to farm and environmental land management.

The next stages of development for the platform will be to include additional membership communities, such as Pest Controllers, where there are around 2500 members.

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