First Friday

First Friday - a digital social learning and communications platform with gamification

First Friday are a UK-based change management and training business focused on helping retailers transform their organisations.

Using Stream as a platform to deliver training, store content, and share important news and updates, Kaboodle is the all-in-one learning platform that retailers have been waiting for.

Solutions provided:
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First Friday are a UK-based change management and training business focused on helping retailers transform their organisations. Everyone who works for First Friday is a retailer by trade, and having worked at senior levels in the past, therefore understand that what counts in retail is passion, flexibility and pace.

The Challenge

First Friday wanted to create a digital solution that would tackle the most challenging problems they have seen in L&D within the the world of retail, including:

– Distributed Workforces (meaning it is difficult to keep everyone up-to-date with new products, ways of working, unfolding issues and new business processes.
– Lack of Engagement, Involvement or Motivation (resulting in low course completion rates).
– Admin-Intensive LMS’ (which can be difficult to use, time-consuming to update and hold out-of-date content).

To deal with these challenges, First Friday partnered with Learning Pool to create a digital social learning and communications platform with gamification, reference, support, LMS and product all in one place.


Not Just Technology for Technology’s Sake

Built in a collaborative partnership between learning and technology specialists at Learning Pool and First Friday’s change management experts from the bottom-up, the platform allows retailers to capture, transform, share and engage their communities by integrating quickly and seamlessly with new or legacy systems.

A well-researched and well-thought-out platform combats businesses’ real pain points: The affordable pricing framework, coupled with quick integration and implementation means it is cost-effective for customers to deploy.

  • Social & collaborative learning at its core
  • Empowers & connects staff to improve customer service
  • Integrates with legacy systems, works on mobile, till, tablet or PC

In addition to Stream LXP we also saw massive potential in Stream Data Cloud, powered by Learning Locker. Data is your evidence, today’s businesses need evidence and you can’t bluff your way through proving value; the efficiency of social learning can be proven, but only with the right data. Stream Data Cloud handles data in a truly unique way allowing businesses to pull all their most important date into one place.

Sally Taylor
Head of Digital Learning

Feedback & Results

Following the launch of its LXP at Learning Technologies in February 2016, with First Friday reporting that the response has been fantastic, with interest from all kinds of organisations, not just in retail:

“Stream LXP is for any type and size of business that is looking to improve performance by accomplishing lasting behavioural change. In particular the response from businesses using ‘old-fashioned’ LMSs has been remarkable. Businesses can clearly see that the platform is a SaaS based solution which manages individual or group learning in a unique social way – opening up the lines of communication to dialogue not dictatorship.”

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