While it’s still very early days for Indeed, they are already delighted with the freedom and flexibility they have gained with Learning Pool over their previous proprietary LMS.

There are already over 400 courses in the system, and all the course completion data from their previous LMS has been migrated into Stream LMS, meaning they can continue to assess performance and progress without losing data.

Indeed have already said that their biggest challenge currently is wanting to do explore all of the new functionality available to them in the platform immediately! The great collaborative relationship with Learning Pool means that they bounce ideas off one another and work towards innovative new solutions together. The Indeed team has found Learning Pool to be very open to new ideas, responsive and knowledgeable, and both organizations are very happy with the working relationship and the platform.

Following the platform’s official launch, Indeed’s L&D teams across the business intend to conduct usability testing to decide how to prioritize functionality and UX going forward and will work collaboratively and cross-functionally to ensure that they make the most of their newfound LMS freedom.