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Founded in 2010 , Supercell is a mobile game development company based in Helsinki, Finland.



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Supercell is a game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. Since its launch in 2010, it has brought five-hit games to the global market: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. Supercell employs 360 people with over 40 different nationalities, creating a truly multicultural and global environment for its employees, partners, and players.

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The continual development and evolution of games and mobile operating systems mean that Supercell not only strives to keep its internal teams up to speed, but its outsourcing partners that look after its hundreds of millions of global customers too.

But in 2020, Supercell faced a challenge that was stopping it from being able to fully support learning and development throughout the company. Its legacy system couldn’t keep pace with the technical and instructional demands of the learning team and relied heavily on manual administration and ad-hoc content creation.

It was clear that to fulfill its desire to offer first-class development opportunities to everyone, it would need a learning library of enriched curated and created content housed on a centralized platform where learners are encouraged to take control of their own learning.



Approaching Learning Pool, Supercell outlined a brief to replace its legacy system with a more functional and user-friendly platform that would be accessed by more than 3,000 learners, spread across eight geographically distinct locations.

With no real visibility or analytics to speak of, the company in the short term set out to be able to track events, classroom sessions, user activity and progression. But in the longer term, the company’s goals were to merge business intelligence data with learning data in order to build a better picture of how learning and performance intersect.

Built on the award-winning Learning Pool Platform, together Supercell and Learning Pool scoped out a learning ecosystem, branded the ‘Learning Academy Box’, formed around three transformational layers:

Learning Experience – Self-directed and structured learning pathways deliver personal and social learning at scale, from bite-sized content to multi-level courses alongside content curated from external sources.

Content – Supercell uses Learning Pool Authoring to allow users to collaboratively create learning experiences and graphically rich content.

Data and insights Learning Pool Learning Record Store (LRS) aggregates and analyzes learning data, turning it into actionable insight that drives long-term value for Supercell. The increased visibility of engagement and completion has aided Supercell in designing future programs and content.

Fully supported by Learning Pool, the solution allows Supercell’s administrators and end-users to have all the knowledge and tools they need to maximize the effectiveness of the system development well into the future.



“One of the important values at Supercell is a spirit of trust and responsibility. Learning Pool Platform has allowed me to give more responsibility to the people designing and delivering training around the world, and in the process, save myself a lot of valuable time that can be focused on finding more effective ways to help our players. Using functionality like Learning Pool Automation and the LRS has also allowed the training teams around the world to save time and effort so that they can focus on making sure the people who help our players are well-informed and equipped with the knowledge they need when they need it.”

Simon Smith
L&D Lead

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90% completion rate

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8-9 hours saved


The implementation of Learning Pool Platform has enabled Supercell to demonstrate a saving of 8-9 working hours by relieving the L&D team of the time-consuming and manual processes associated with the previous platform. This equates to a working week a month for learners to deploy back into their day-to-day jobs but also frees trainers and learners up to learn more effectively.

With a 90% completion rate of initial module rollouts, Learning Pool Platform has delivered an increase in learning by enabling employees to access learning at the time of need. Supercell has also witnessed a clear increase in engagement of the same learning previously delivered on the legacy platform.