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Safeguarding their organization and people with online interactive learning.


Learning Pool designed and developed an online interactive learning experience that delivers the key messages around the DGF

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Founded in 1863, Swiss Re is the world’s second-largest reinsurer. Headquartered out of Zurich, Switzerland, it now operates in 25 countries worldwide.

Swiss Re works in an increasingly data-intensive market and needs to ensure it safeguards its people, organization, and customers from the risks inherent in a digital economy. To achieve this, they created a Digital Governance Framework (DGF). The DGF ensures adherence to all relevant compliance and governance topics that relate to digital services and provides staff a simple process for risk identification and mitigation.

The challenge for Swiss Re was to effectively communicate this framework to its workforce and advise staff on how and when they should apply it. To do this, they wanted to create a lively piece of elearning to reinforce the message and leave a lasting impression.

The Solution

Learning Pool designed and developed an online interactive learning experience that delivers the key messages around the DGF and how to apply this knowledge in real-life scenarios.

The animation promotes the framework, with supporting campaign materials and nudges to reinforce the key messages in an informal way. The approach comprises:

Impactful Animation 

Crisp, animated motion graphics and time-lapse videos, creating an energetic and immersive online experience with a modern feel and a sense of continuous, fluid movement throughout.


A variety of novel interactions, knowledge checks, and scenarios which communicate key messages in a memorable and engaging format, so the learner feels like it is an exchange rather than a lecture. The audio was used to help to embed the message.

Memorable Message 

A DGF visual identity was created for use within the training and outside, building the DGF’s own brand so employees can recognize and know it relates to this subject. The key messages are presented in a memorable way, such as through slogans or abstract visuals, to help with learner retention.

The training is hosted on Swiss Re’s Learning Management System (LMS) and can be accessed on multiple devices by Swiss Re’s 12,000+ employees globally.

The Response

We are very pleased with the DGF learning and alongside the communications campaign that surrounded it, it has really helped raise awareness of the framework. We have received only positive feedback about it, with users saying it us fun, comprehensive and it really brings the information to life. We now have a really good product and the project has been a real success.

Natalia El-Desouki
Senior Enterprise Architect

The Outcome

The elearning has been well received by Swiss Re and around 500 members of staff have viewed the material to date, which is good for a non-mandatory piece of learning.

Swiss Re now plans to roll out the DGF course within the IT division as a mandatory piece of learning.

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