Content curation and continuous learning: What it means and why it matters



During this session, you will learn:


Why curation is the key to helping teams continuously learn and develop. Anders Pink uses an AI-driven algorithm to learn from the user’s preferences, refining content to make it more relevant every time they log on. 

Practical tips and tools for making curation easier. Users can create their own briefings based on preferred topics, keywords, sites and platforms. 

How to seamlessly curate content within Stream LXP. Content can be embedded in any app, tool or platform to help your organization power learning recommendations and content curation.

The steps needed to get started, including a great offer from Learning Pool and Anders Pink. 


Callum Gilbanks
Product Manager
Callum’s learning career began in developing bespoke LMS solutions as a software engineer but increasingly, his experience and expertise have grown in AI learning solutions, holding roles in management and sales of cutting edge technology.
Stephen Walsh
Co-founder at Anders Pink
Stephen is the co-founder of Anders Pink with over 20 years of experience in Learning Technology working in the US and Europe. Stephen has authored two books on content curation and is passionate about continuous learning, new techology, start-ups, and business growth.