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From simple knowledge transfer to complex behavioral change, we use a variety of tools and techniques to produce custom content that meets your requirements, timescales, and budgets.

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As winners of awards like Learning Technologies Game of the Year, we can be trusted to deliver a best-in-class custom content that surpasses learner expectations.

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Expertly managed

We have a proven approach to scoping and delivery refined by hundreds of clients. No need to worry about any surprises.

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You own whatever our custom content team creates for you, which is built to be a future-proofed solution that’s easy for you to maintain.

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Multi-language support

Language isn’t a barrier to us. We offer translation services for all learning materials to ensure learning reaches every corner of the globe.

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Easy integration

Everything we produce is SCORM 1.2 and/or xAPI compatible, ensuring it will work reliably with your learning platform.

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Learning games

As an industry leader in learning games, you can harness our established game frameworks to capture the imagination of your learners.

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Limitless formats

Animations, videos, campaign materials, interactive games and even fully realised 3D simulations – whatever your content ambitions, we can deliver.

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Workflow learning

We make sure that what sounds good on paper delivers in reality. We’ll help you measure and track the success of your learning content.

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Editable content

We develop in industry-standard tools meaning you can make edits as things change with no long term commitment or maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘custom’ content?

We work with organizations to create e-learning resources and courses designed specifically for their business needs and intended target audience. The content is all built from scratch – this means the look and feel is generally based on the client’s specification as is the content itself.

How much does a piece of custom content cost?

That massively varies – a simple short templated course could be as little as £10k/$12k, conversely an hour long, gamified course with dramatized film and actors could be ten times that amount. If you want more guidance in this we’d recommend you speak to one of the consultants who can walk you through the different types of content we produce.

How long does it take to produce a piece of content or course?

Again this varies. We can produce a course using an Agile development methodology in as little as four weeks. A Waterfall process for a single course is usually 10-14 weeks.

What does Learning Pool need from a client?

This is a great question. Usually, a client provides some kind of raw materials from which the content can be developed. There are times we can research, or we work with what’s in someone’s head but coming armed with raw materials of some kind is advantageous. The other thing we’d say is time – don’t underestimate your role – whilst we do the writing and design, you as the Subject Matter Expert, still need to take an active role in the development of your course.

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