Cut your e-learning costs with Adapt Builder

We’ve been out and about recently talking to customers about the wonder that is Adapt Learning. Conversations about Adapt Learning rapidly lead to Adapt Builder and it’s clear that Learning Pool customers are getting real value out of this innovative addition to their subscription.

We’ve been using Adapt Builder for quite a while now and learned a lot about how to build great content that stands the test of time, without the sky high e-learning costs.

Top four tips for creating Adapt content

  1. Write a storyboard
    ​It’s very tempting with a gorgeous online tool to jump straight in a build content but we recommend against this approach. Take the thinking time you need to design your learning, consider which interactions will enhance the message and imagine the learner journey you want to achieve before you dive into the technology.
  2. Themes matter
    We’ve learned a lot, some of it the hard way, about the importance of themes. The theme drives much of the look and feel of your e-learning module as well as transitions between pages and how components are displayed. We’ve learned that learners really appreciate that stuff so having a well-designed, modern theme with nice functionality adds disproportionate value to your module.
  3. Graphics are more than just eye candy
    In Adapt Learning the graphics treatment you pick for your e-learning has almost as much to do with the learning as the words on the screen. Sourcing high quality images and giving them the right treatment makes your e-learning look professional and smart as well as adding to the learning message you want to convey. We have a host of online resources about creating great images for Adapt Learning coming soon to Learning Pool Academy. Why not register you place for our  webinar ‘Discover how to give your Adapt Learning the WOW factor‘ taking place of 8th July. Secure your free spot.
  4. Trial your content
    Making claims that your e-learning will work across every device can seem hollow when you find an unexpected bug on your chief exec’s iPad. It’s worth taking the time to try your content out with a small group of users in a ‘real life’ environment. Don’t forget to get feedback too and tweak your content before you go live properly.

What you can do after publishing

Realistically there’s nothing new or startling in any of this. But Adapt Builder gives you a future proofed solution that has zero ongoing costs so it’s worth getting the content right.

Once you’ve published you can:

  • Edit your content any time by simply logging onto Adapt Builder
  • Add new features when they become available without having to rewrite your content or upgrade to the latest version
  • Never worry about losing your work – Adapt Builder hosted by Learning Pool takes care of all that for you
  • Change the look and feel of your module by adding a different theme any time you like
  • Share the next version of your module with subject matter experts in a couple of seconds using the share and preview feature


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