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E-learning companies comparison checklist

Comparing e-learning companies is no mean feat and a task that at times is overwhelming. We’ve put together this checklist which may help during the initial scoping stage and help you make the right decision when choosing your e-learning provider.

One of the main reasons Learning Pool is able to share advice on e-learning companies, is because we deliver tailored online learning solutions to over one million people in the UK. Our customers have saved over £100 million and delivered high quality relevant e-learning.

The key areas below are based on feedback from our customers. Be sure to ask about these key points when scoping providers and comparing e-learning companies:


It’s always a good idea to check if the e-learning content on offer is customisable and can it be re-purposed for your organisation. We have a comprehensive course catalogue of over 500 e-learning modules that can be downloaded and re-purposed with our easy to use Authoring Tool, you can also effortlessly create and author your own e-learning modules. Our catalogue continues to grow as customers share modules that they have created, ready for you to customise and push out to your learners.


All e-learning should be supplied properly SCORMED so that the course will perform to your needs on any platform. Beware of any e-learning companies who tell you SCORM is difficult or complicated; this is a clear manifestation of their lack of experience/expertise with the concepts of SCORM and an early indicator that things are likely to get bumpy. You can read more about Scorm here.

Learning Platform

On many occasions organisations have come to Learning Pool because:

  • They need to purchase another Learning Platform after their original purchase with another supplier failed to meet their needs.
  • They previously purchased an over-priced system without their supplier checking that they also had access to e-learning content to host on their chosen LMS.

Our complete solution involves not only a Learning Platform but e-learning content, the tools and capability around authoring content that will make your e-learning strategy succeed. These factors should always be at the fore of your thinking before talking to anyone about procuring a Learning Platform.

As well as your own bespoke platform we include a dedicated customer support desk, advice on how to implement the Learning Platform within your organisation, online and face to face training for administrators and access to the UK’s largest online learning community, made-up of 12,000 learning professionals.


Our user-friendly Learning Pool Platform allows you to export all data seamlessly to our platform and includes extensive management tools with reporting functionality. Our platform also integrates with HR and other business systems.


Unfortunately, many organisations today are quick to sell you a product, but then provide no support or after care service whatsoever.  Some e-learning companies may even charge you for support outside of your initial package price, so it’s always good to get a clear idea of what level of support is included in your subscription.

At Learning Pool we think that customers should be supported all through their e-learning journey so we provide tailored support that is dedicated to your needs that is included in your e-learning solution price. Our support comprises:

  • Unlimited email and phone support for admin and end users daily from 8am to 8pm
  • Free set up and configuration
  • A dedicated learning consultant to help drive your strategy and measure progress
  • A tailored 1 day induction
  • Onsite coaching tailored to your needs


Unlike many suppliers who may be seen to take the money and run, Learning Pool views the purchase of our learning management system, just the start of your relationship with us. We provide  cost effective e-learning solutions to recognise the varying needs of organisations. Our customers have saved over £100 million and delivered high quality relevant e-learning, proving a real return on investment. You can request an e-learning quote here.

Collaboration and community

When comparing e-learning companies be sure to check the level of collaboration that they offer. At a time when saving time and money is imperative, it’s always good to go with a provider who offers you collaborative tools and support from like-minded professionals.

Collaboration and collaborative working is at the heart of everything we do at Learning Pool and we are proud of the achievements of our learning community. At Learning Pool, we’re focused on helping our customers come together to improve service delivery and save money. We encourage a sharing ethos, meaning less duplication of efforts and not re-inventing the wheel, saving time and money for all involved. We facilitate meetings and networking events, where delegates come together to share ideas and best practice and we’re proud to have an active online community with over 13,000 members who share advice, expertise and resources.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more you can speak to one of our e-learning experts, get a free e-learning consultation or demo our e-learning modules and platform. You can also view our customer success stories or speak to other like minded professionals about their e-learning journey and experiences.

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