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Minimize onboarding seat time

Today’s pace change means that companies need new hires to contribute quickly. Learning Pool helps to make that happen with a digital adoption platform, learning platform, original content, and other onboarding solutions that use data to minimize seat time. By aligning learning to both personal goals and business objectives, we make your onboarding smarter.

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on the job training

On-the-job learning

Blend social learning, in-person event management, and mobile learning into engaging pathways. Add a digital adoption platform to provide actionable guidance on business software at the point of need.

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Smart administration

Keep onboarding progressing at the optimal pace while keeping managers informed along the way through automated communications, “My Team” reporting, and role-based learning frameworks.


Intuitive insights

“My team” reporting, BI-powered analytics, and data management make it easy to demonstrate the impact of better employee onboarding on a business.

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Improve employee retention

Exceptional employee onboarding has been proven to increase employee retention rates. Learning Pool helps organizations make these kinds of gains by using data-driven learning to minimize the time necessary for each employee to feel productive and effective.

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Build connection

Your organization’s mission, culture, and people are an important part of your story. By incorporating the full employee experience into onboarding training and learning instead of focusing on the bare minimum required to get started, Learning Pool’s helps your new hires to build connection and feel more satisfied in their role.

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Improve performance

Employee onboarding is one of the most influential opportunities an organization has to maximize their return on investment in a new hire. Learning Pool focuses on onboarding that aligns the needs of the individual and the organization to get the most out of every new hire.

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Keep new hires learning

Employee onboarding should be only the beginning of an employee’s development journey. Learning Pool uses a simple, smart, and social experience that keeps new hires engaged and fosters learning spirit and growth mindset.

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