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Learning Pool helps leading hospitality brands deliver training that efficiently prepares their people to deliver world-class experiences that keep their customers coming back.

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Hospitality & Leisure

Learning Pool is changing how hospitality companies get their people performance-ready with learning experiences informed by the use of intelligent data.

In hospitality, business is won and lost based on the quality of the customer experience. For the service you offer to rise above the competition, you need to be able to count on your people to deliver the experience that makes your business unique. But in the lean, dynamic world of hospitality, employee training often struggles to keep up with the pace of business. 

As a result, staff are sent to work unprepared, time-poor managers are further stretched, and rising stars are lost in the shuffle. Instead of developing the extraordinary customer experiences your business needs to thrive, your training team is forced to revert to checking boxes. The Learning Pool Platform supports your journey to extraordinary by offering everything you need to deliver training that meets the unique needs of your industry. This fully integrated solution complete with essential content, offers the smart, flexible training your people need to get up to speed quickly. Enhanced by AI and automation, our platform adapts and scales to any learning scenario, enabling powerful experiences for all of your learners.

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The Learning Pool Platform is ideal for hospitality training because it:

time saving

Minimizes time to competency

The combination of adaptive content and the smart use of data optimizes learning for each learner, reducing churn by ensuring your people are ready to confidently perform as quickly as possible

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Automates the delivery of personalized learning

Be it through nudges that keep learners engaged or self-directed skills development that keeps your top performers progressing, you don’t have to choose between standardization and personalization


Meets learners where they are

Complete with mobile and multi-language support, learners don’t need a desk or an email address to engage in learning

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