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How to engage people in your e-learning

Want to know how to engage people in your e-learning? Here are some ideas for engaging your potential learners in your e-learning launch or ongoing e-learning activity.

1. Use posters and leaflets everywhere people meet

2. Put posters on toilet doors/walls – captive audience

3. Get members to promote and demonstrate at roadshows targeting local offices and remote working places

4. Provide shared spaces with a computer that links to e-learning

5. Link your launch to an event (council-wide, national etc.)

6. Make your launch and learning into an interactive game

7. Use young people to support your launch

8. Play music at your launch to attract and engage

9. Advertise your e-learning at all training events (at the end of each course do a quick demo)

10. Create links to appraisal and personal development plans

11. Provide e-learning drop in centres for people to come and find out more

12. Encourage people to study at home

13. Publicise reports on usage – who is top of the learner charts, which department uses the system most

14. Have floorwalkers to support your launch/early days

15. Push accredited status for blended learning e.g. CIPD recognises e-learning as part of CPD

16. Ensure that you have visible support from senior management

17. Use team champions to be evangelists

18. Don’t have any rules – let people access everything

19. Make it fun – add in some appropriate humour, cartoons, quizzes etc.

20. Offer a prize…pigs seem to be very valued!

21. Hold a ‘Voice Idol’ competition for colleagues to win the narration role in a course Please add your own here – the more the merrier!

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