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How to Gamify Your OLXs

One of the elements of my role is to help businesses and individuals better understand how they can get started using gamification.

I often advise them to think about what they are currently doing within their organisation, and then to think about how they can wrap Gamification techniques around that, as opposed to creating something from the ‘Ground Up’ – we’ve all got enough ‘new initiatives’ flying around, right?

Recognise and Reward

I personally like to recognise and reward people based on the ‘effort’ that they have put into an activity, and could write a lengthy post on the subject… However as we’re big believers in Curation, I thought I’d share with you a video to better explain what I mean.

This video was originally created for the Gamification: Fad or Future? OLX, so whilst it may be a little out of context – as it’s talking about the OLX and the Learning Pool Platform – it hopefully doesn’t affect the point I’m trying to make.

Getting Started with Gamification

So, with all that in mind here’s my suggested starting point if you’re considering using Gamification:

  • What processes/activities are already takes place in your organisation that might benefit from some ‘nudging’? Are Return-to-Work interviews being completed on time? Are appraisals being undertaken in the appropriate window? What does staff attendance look like?
  • Consider whether more effort should equal more reward?
  • To help with your business case, look for examples whereby employees are already engaged in Gamified activities i.e. coffee shop loyalty cards, fitness trackers, LinkedIn profiles etc

‘Gamification: Fad or Future?’ is one of a number of CPD-Certified courses that we’re running throughout 2016. For details of all our free courses and other learning materials, check out our Learning Library.

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