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Implementing a Learning Experience Platform: A Client’s Perspective

Learning and Development opportunities in the workplace are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after applications for many global organizations. In fact, a recent national survey demonstrated how today’s employees are more likely to accept a role with a company who offer a comprehensive training program, as opposed to one who doesn’t. 

But just as highly valued as the training opportunities themselves, are the badges and certifications that learners can receive upon completing a specific course or program. For the modern worker, adding any kind of badge, certification or additional qualification to their CV not only validates their high-level of expertise but increases their potential for added responsibility within their current role, a pay increase and even a promotion in the long term. 

One organization in particular who has successfully implemented a certification process at the end of their formal training is the Strategy Implementation Institute.

Using Learning Pool Platform

Founded by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and Robin Speculand, both global thought leaders in their fields of project management and strategy implementation respectively, the Strategy Implementation Institute (The Institute) provides the resources, training and certification to people looking to acquire the knowledge and skills to become implementation specialists.

Implementing strategy successfully is a rare and highly appreciated skill that distinguishes the most influential leaders in business today. People who can skillfully implement strategy are in high demand by organizations worldwide, especially because strategies within all areas of businesses need to be formed and executed at a more rapid pace than ever before.

With Learning Pool Platform as the backbone of their solution, the Institute offers two types of online training, complete with certifications; the Strategy Implementation Professionals (SIP) course and the Strategy Implementation Fellowship (SIF) course. 

Their online courses support and develop the following: 

  • Middle managers looking to enhance their implementation skills 
  • Leaders responsible for implementing strategy and improving the business performance
  • Project managers looking to complement their capabilities with strategy implementation skills 
  • Individuals looking to improve themselves to create new opportunities

Initial Outcome

The Institute is still in the early stages of piloting their course but with the LXP it is their aim to bring together people from around the world who feel passionate about implementation to create an online community for them to learn, share and grow. 

It is their goal to meet the increasing demand for skilled implementers by offering:

  • Membership and access to the online community 
  • Full-time 3 weeks of part-time 6-8 weeks courses 
  • Online Professional certification 
  • Online Fellowship certification 

Their initial courses are made up of seven different modules, complete with an end of course exam which sees learners receive a digital certification if they are successful. The learning in the platform is also supported by unlimited email communication, 45-minute long conference call sessions and an online community of fellow learners. 

About the Author

Robin Speculand is a global thought-leader in his field of Strategy Implementation having been the Chief Executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Inc which specializes in researching, developing and integrating strategy implementation for businesses. He is also the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute which offers online Strategy Implementation training complete with certification.


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