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Learning Technologies 2023

L&Ds latest trends and hot topics: An insight from Learning Pool’s Boston team

Following our Boston team’s move to the city’s Innovation District, our own Sharon Claffey Kaliouby hosted the first of many online ‘gatherings’. These informal sessions are a great opportunity for L&D professionals to ‘get together’ to network with their peers and hear about some of the hottest trends and topics in L&D today.


September’s sessions

Women in Learning

About the session

‘Supporting awareness of gender equality and creating environments committed to a more diverse future’ is something all organizations are seeking to do well.

Women continue to impact today’s business world yet, statistics show that there are not nearly enough women in the C-level suite. The stats are even more drastic in the world of Learning & Development with research stating women are twice as likely as men to have supporting administrative roles and half as likely to have leadership roles.

Preparing us to achieve this utopia of gender equality and diversity, we put together a rich dialogue around:

– Seeing men as our allies! Most women state “men are the accelerators” of their careers.

– How to accelerate your career.

– How to ‘send the elevator down’ to help encourage and extend other developments that are not there yet.

In support of Women in Learning, the panel also discussed The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization by Jodi Detjen. All attendees from this event will receive a free copy of this book which will be debated in more detail during the next hybrid event.


Key Takeaways 

  • Of the 50+ people who registered for this session, 1/5 of the population was male with 4 men attending in person
  • There’s value in networking and developing others
  • The added factor of racial inequality (women of color are at event worse odds statistically)


About the speakers

Our own Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, along with a diverse group of female learning executives, shared key insights and specific actions you can take in your career so that you leave with strategies for success. Executives included Nancy Carlson, Mandi Christensen, Lisa Cannata, Sonia Malik, Analyn Pelayre & Laura Sukorokoff …to name a few!


Measuring the Impact of Learning

About the session

The workplace environment has vastly changed in the last six months. For every positive story, there is one that is less positive and for every forward for L&D, there is at least one step back. However, one of the key drivers for Learning & Development/Sales Enablement success in the workplace is a definite willingness to be measured against business outcomes.

If you can measure and demonstrate the impact of learning you are showing your contribution to overall business performance. So, not only is this an interesting topic for many but it’s also at the heart of reimagining and transforming L&D/Sales Enablement.

During this virtual discussion, we shared some of our insights, discussed what we consider to be good practice for how we measure the impact of learning and how we can share the results of that measurement for maximum buy-in/influence.


Key Takeaways 

  • Pilot your impact measurement strategies and gain agreement from the key players in your organization
  • Check that the evidence you are using is an acceptable measure for the business (not just the L&D team)
  • Begin with impact in mind – work out what you’d like to contribute to the organization’s strategy and work backwards
  • GP Strategies ‘The Measurement Map’


About the speakers

Co-presenter of Learning Now TV at LNTV, Nigel Paine is a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation and a unique grasp of media, learning and development in the public, private and academic sectors.

He shared a number of examples of organizations that have completely revised the ways in which they judge their effectiveness in order to fully align with business imperatives. This process need not be complex or data-heavy, but it is absolutely essential for survival in the current climate.


November’s sessions

What’s the Next Smart Step for Workplace Inclusion?

About the session

On the topic of inclusion in the workplace, much of the time we hear the same few questions… “How can we be inclusive?” and “What should we do?”

This fireside chat with author and professor, Jodi Detjen focused on the steps required to be really inclusive – this included mindset, skillset and process change – and made reference to Jodi’s newest book, The Next Smart Step.


About the speakers

Jodi Detjen is an MA Professor at Suffolk University and the co-founder of Orange Grove Consulting, an innovative training and leadership development consultancy focused on helping women and organizations eliminated outdated rules and structures that stifle creativity and innovation.


30 Under 30 & 30 Over 30 in Learning/Sales Enablement

About the session

How do we value the seasoned Learning & Development/Sales Enablement professionals?

Recent experience of panels discussing How to Accelerate Your L&D Career has made it clear ‘30 Under 30’ programs are hugely successful. But it is equally as evident that those in Learning & Development who are OVER 30 do not feel as supported, visible or vocal regarding their own development. This is critically important, especially since many are viewed as part of the generation who is set to lead L&D now.

During this session, the panel discussed how we can engage and maintain executives in the profession to prevent reinventing the wheel and repeating the same mistakes of the past. They also considered how we can support mid-career professionals pivoting into L&D, as well as the value of ‘reverse mentoring’ from our ’30 Under 30s’.


Key Takeaways 

  • L&D personas may need to expand, evolve and change
  • Networking is a key skill in any business and yet many in L&D are not as comfortable with it as others in different roles
  • More work to go into a ’30 Over 30′ group for reverse mentoring and guidance


About the Speakers 

For this session, we were joined by a panel of award-winning L&D ’30 under 30′ professionals, along with a new group of ’30 over 30′ in learning. Some highlighted insights came from Charles Jennings, Nigel Paine, Meghan Costillo, Andy Hyde, Mathieu Gorge, Lorna Matty, Clint Clarkson, Analyn Pelayre and Phil Chew.


Cybersecurity in Learning

About the session

Since the pandemic began, C-level executives have been confronting myriad concerns regarding the health of their colleagues and the financial wellbeing of their companies. Add to this growing list of concerns the increase of cybercrime, as hackers find new and nefarious ways to exploit the current chaos to their advantage.

Mathieu Gorge, CEO of Vigitrust, led this discussion which covered the steps organizations can take to become more cyber-secure, as well as reflections from Cybersecurity Month in October.


Key Takeaways

The hottest topics in cybersecurity right now include:

  • Data privacy & protection
  • Mandatory compliance
  • Phishing & ransomware
  • Social engineering
  • CEO fraud


In debating what is the best way to educate people, Mathieu also discussed:

  • Continuous training vs point-in-time training
  • Short impactful messages vs old-style training
  • The requirement for compliance-based training
  • Staff training
  • Cyber Accountability Principle and how we educate Senior Execs/Board Members


About the speakers

Mathieu is the CEO of Vigitrust, President and Chief Security Officer of the French Irish Chamber of Commerce and Forbes author of the book on the 5 Pillars of Security Framework(TM) – the award-winning methodology for Board Members and CxOs to educate themselves and strategize on cyber accountability, cybersecurity and compliance.


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