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01 February 2018 by Kevin Doherty

Its 21:00 on a wintry December night and the heat is not working, what do you do? 

For anyone who said, “get the yellow pages out,” then I am afraid this blog may not be for you. Most folk would go online to source a video tutorial that can help them resolve the issue.

Problem solving via video

The cultural shift in the last 10 years, with the rise of YouTube and Vimeo, means people turn to video as a way of learning and ultimately, problem solving.

The idea of video as a learning tool is nothing new. In fact, it has been a common feature of e-learning for a long time now, whether it was streaming video or dare I say it – a flash video.

The biggest challenges for incorporating video into learning usually came from restricted IT access or network speed.

Thankfully, with bandwidth improvements and an understanding of the benefits of video, it has become a much more acceptable practice.

IT teams have lifted restrictions on technology meaning more people than ever are using video in their courses.

Boost the learner experience

Adding video into an Adapt course has always been possible with the iFrame, media, and branching components and more recently the intro/outro extension.

We decided that wasn’t enough, we wanted more options for our video content and more ways for you to give your learners a more engaging experience.

This is where our Interactive Video extension comes in. It’s a brand-new extension that allows you to configure a video to play at article level that allows for the inclusion of:

  • Text labels – add extra depth to your content with text labels overlaid
  • Images – provide some visual cues with images overlaid on the video
  • Bookmarks – allow your learners to easily navigate through the video with pre-defined bookmarks

Experience Interactive Video in action

With effortless configuration, this new extension will be easy for all our Adapt authors to incorporate into their e-learning and increase engagement through interactive video.

The extension is due for release very soon and will be made available to all customers upon launch, but in the meantime, we’ve made a demo video for you to enjoy.

Add an extra level of interaction

The most exciting element of this extension is that it allows you to overlay components on the video, this will pause the video and allow the learner to complete the components as normal.

As the extension is configured at article level, it’s easy to add components to the same article and then choose what time they should appear.

It is extremely flexible and can be used with any of the presentation or question components to provide further information on a topic or to pose questions.


Kevin Doherty
Product Manager

Kevin joined Learning Pool in 2013 as a member of the Customer Success team and moved to the content team later that year as a Learning Designer. Kevin’s passion for Adapt led to him taking the role of Academy Manager, providing training and guidance to customers.

Since April 2018, Kevin has been the Product Manager of Adapt Builder, ensuring the delivery of key features to the tool and supporting the move to xAPI content.

When not obsessing over Adapt, Kevin enjoys all things geeky especially comic books, films and TV series.

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