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IFE accredited provider

Learning Pool is now an Institute of Fire Engineers Accredited Provider

We are delighted to announce that our new Fire Safety and Fire Warden Training courses are now recognized and accredited by the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).

As a recognized course provider, this highlights that the training we offer makes a significant difference to the learner and instills our learners with confidence in the training they are receiving is meeting the high standards set in by the experts at the IFE.


What is the Insitute of Fire Engineers?

The IFE is a registered charity working for societal benefit. Founded in 1918, the IFE assesses knowledge of fire and professional experience, awarding internationally recognized membership grades and fire-related qualifications.

The IFE reviews and, where appropriate, provide formal recognition of specific training courses, training providers, and educational programs of study that meet our quality standards.

What does the IFE base its accreditation on?

The IFE review process includes evaluation of:

  • The purpose of the course
  • Training and learning objectives
  • Technical syllabus
  • Learning methods and design principles
  • Quality of Assessment
  • Subject Matter Expert qualifications
  • Desktop review of the course content by a registered external fire safety expert



How does it benefit the customer?

By gaining accreditation with IFE, our customers can be confident that our training meets the high-quality standards that the industry expects.

  • Our learning programs are high quality and provide specialist technical insight
  • We respond to individual learner needs
  • Our services meet the needs of learners with relevant assessments in place
  • Our expert learning experience team make effective use of appropriate teaching, learning aids and innovative resources to ensure our training is engaging and relevant
  • Business and programs are effectively managed and keep updated
  • Training and Systems are effectively monitored for high standards and allow for continuous improvement

Where can we find the Fire Safety and Fire Warden Training?

Both of these courses are in our Off-the-Shelf Libraries –┬áthe Fire Safety Course is currently available in our Foundation Skills Catalogue and the Fire Warden Training course is currently available in our Compliance Catalogue.

Get in touch to get your free trial of these modules, or take a look at our off-the-shelf libraries.

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