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Learning Pool Launches Tall Tales Champion initiative in aid of Make A Wish

Make-A-Wish grant wishes for children with critical illnesses in nearly 50 countries on five continents through 39 international affiliates. They have been doing this since 1980 and will continue to do so for a long time to come, but with 10,199 children with critical illnesses waiting for their wish to be granted they need our help.

At Learning Pool, we want to help make these children’s wishes come true. To support this amazing charity we have created a beautiful book, Tall Tales Short Stories.


“This book is the result of a global writing competition that aimed to encourage children aged between 7-12 years to get creative and use their imagination. We asked them to write a story about a mythical creature and they did not disappoint! With its stories of sea-dragons, werewolves, unicorns, wood spirits, and… gnomes, the book is truly a thing of beauty.” 

Arlene Mooney, Learning Design Manager


The anthology also features a bonus story by a child personally supported by Make-A-Wish Denmark. 11-year-old, Saga, says she often feels as clumsy as her protagonist – the eight-legged horse Sleipner from Norse mythology. Saga has contracted the disorder ataxia following a brain haemorrhage.

We are hoping to raise £20,000 for Make-A-Wish through sales of our Tall Tales Short Stories book, but to meet this target we need your help. 

One of our core values at Learning Pool is to #dotherightthing, not only with our customers but also in our local communities and the wider society. We believe that as a Learning Pool customer you share this vision and so would like to give you the opportunity to work with us in making children’s wishes come true. You can support us and Make-A-Wish by pledging to purchase a number of our Tall Tales Short Stories books and in doing so you will become a Tall Tales Champion.

Pledging to purchase just 100 copies of the book could grant just one of the many wishes for the thousands of children on the waiting list. Not only are you making a sizable donation, but you will also have copies of a beautiful children’s book to distribute to your employees or donate to a local school, community centre or hospital. 

In return for your support, we can provide you with a number of materials that you can use as part of your own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to help demonstrate your commitment to enacting positive change. Companies that can demonstrate an active CSR culture are not only sending out a positive message to society that they want to  #dotherightthing. It also sets you apart as a company that is more likely to engage, and retain, employees and customers. 

Will you help us do the right thing? Restore hope with a wish and pledge to purchase some copies of the Tall Tales Short Stories book today. 

Get in touch today to find out how you can become a Tall Tales Champion.

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