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Learning Poolooza: Empowering Change Through 3,000 Hours of Global CSR Impact

[Derry, Northern Ireland, 24 May 2023] – On Thursday, May 18th, we rallied our employees worldwide to embark on a remarkable mission of giving back to their local communities, in an effort called ‘Learning Poolooza’. A total of 365 passionate team members participated in a range of CSR activities, dedicating an impressive 3,000 collective hours to fostering positive change.


Launched as our most ambitious CSR initiative to date in January 2023, ‘Learning Poolooza’ aimed to support charitable, environmental, and educational endeavors in the communities where our team lives and works. With colleagues stationed across Derry, Nottingham, Oxford, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United States, this powerful CSR campaign touched the lives of over 120 charities, schools, organizations, and schemes throughout the world.


Beach clean

A group from our Derry office spent the day collecting litter on a beach in Donegal.


Throughout the past week, Learning Pool employees generously volunteered their time and talents in various impactful ways. Their efforts ranged from assisting at animal shelters, food banks, schools, and charity shops to actively engaging in environmental projects like beach and street clean-ups, gardening, and tree planting, also extending their expertise to offer specialized support in teaching, coding, and graphic design.

A team from our Oxfordshire office volunteered with Farmability, planting a tree and erecting a farmhouse at a local farm. 


Noteworthy accomplishments from Learning Poolooza include:

  • Partnering with Farmability in Oxford to weed, build a greenhouse and plant a new tree.
  • Spearheading litter collections  on Buncrana Beach, Boston Park and City of Rapperswil-Jona. 
  • Collaborating with Creggan Country Park, Bath City Farm, and Cheshire Wildlife Trust to engage in essential environmental activities such as planting and weeding.
  • Sorting and preparing food donations at the 9 Million Reasons food bank in NYC and the Feed My Starving Children food bank in Minnesota, supporting vulnerable populations.
  • Transforming the storage unit of a local animal shelter in Derry, creating an organized and welcoming space for rescue animals.
  • Revitalizing children’s play areas at Shepherds View Young Parents in Derry, enhancing the well-being of young families.
  • Assembling a staggering 14,050 diapers for families in need in collaboration with Happy Bottoms in Kansas City, ensuring a healthier start for vulnerable infants.
  • Redesigning the website for Rainbow Rehoming, amplifying the reach and impact of their cause.

Coralie Hopwood, CEO of FarmAbility where Learning Pool’s Oxford-based team volunteered commented, “Receiving support from organizations such as Learning Pool to work on big people-power projects makes a huge difference to what we can achieve with our co-farmers and the range of activities we can offer them in the future.  Massive thanks for your support!”


Food bank

Some of our US team sorted through donations at a food bank in North Texas.


CEO, Ben Betts commented, “This ambitious initiative has allowed us to make a significant impact on over 120 organizations in a single day. Fostering positive change in our communities has always been an integral part of our culture at Learning Pool, and I personally found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.” Betts continued, “I extend my gratitude to the entire Learning Pool team for making this possible, and to all the participating organizations who welcomed us with open arms.”


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