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Learning Trends for 2022: Personalization

In blog three of our Learning Trends series, we spoke about digital learning fatigue and how a more sympathetic approach to online learning could be found with a hybrid model. Following on from that, David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway poses that personalization, his fourth learning trend to expect in 2022, could also be the antidote to the fatigue. 

By harnessing data and intelligence, David explains, personalization adapts learning experiences to the individual and optimizes their time and focus. By tailoring courses dynamically to their role and prior expertise, this trend of personalized learning can also support learners with their future career aspirations. With modern LXPs, such as Learning Pool Platform, goals can be set and learning pathways can be created, delivering relevant content and customized experiences to suit the learning needs. 

Further to that, David argues that talent mobility and the personalization of the employee experience is also something to watch across all HR systems. Over the next year, personalization is set to become one of the biggest drivers of the employee experience but the L&D function needs to lead the way. 

But we’re no stranger to the concept of personalization. Since the early days of the Learning Pool Platform, we’ve rejected the one-size-fits-all approach to learning, realizing that L&D needs to recognize what people already know as well as what they need to know. Core features, such as a search engine, recommendation systems, ecosystem automation tools, and integrated chatbots mean that learning journeys can be tailored to and targeted at individual learners. As a result, every learning experience becomes personal, relevant, and unique. 

But the platform’s personalization capabilities don’t stop there. More recently, the introduction of our campaign manager, Learning Pool Automation, maximizes learning impact by personalizing a learner’s journey based on their responses and engagement. With every learning experience and every piece of feedback given, the learning pathway becomes smarter and more meaningful to the individual.

Our AI-powered business intelligence tool, Insights, provides actionable metrics surfaced through intuitive dashboards that visualize how personalization affects learner performance, confidence, engagement, and sentiment, alongside content performance and cohort comparison and benchmarking.    

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