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Learning Pool helps life sciences companies fulfill demands for operational efficiencies and increased productivity in an increasingly regulated, competitive and volatile market.

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Learning Pool is changing how the life sciences sector get their people performance-ready with learning experiences informed by the use of intelligent data.

Keeping employees informed and up-to-date on changes to processes, procedures and new developments is an ongoing challenge for the life science sector. Today’s workforce expects learning to be personalized, relevant and in the workflow but, as is common in highly regulated industries, existing strategies are designed for ticking boxes, standardization and compliance. 

Learning Pool helps you keep your people informed whilst staying ahead of the competition by providing personalized and purposeful learning experiences that boost efficiency, resilience and sustainability. Our use of intelligent data transforms what you know about your learners into actionable insights in order to deliver extraordinary outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.

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Personalized recommendations, deep search capabilities, and mobile options allow people to learn in the flow of work.


Intuitive analytics

Actionable data visualizations go beyond usage metrics or violation counts to drive a strategic discussion on how gaps are being proactively addressed.


Long-term performance

Sustain risk-topic-mastery in every employee – and help compliance teams create organizational value.

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