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Optimize manufacturing employee performance with data‑driven workplace learning technologies.

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Learning Pool is changing how manufacturing businesses solve their biggest employee performance challenges

We’re doing it with data-driven learning technologies that apply insights into who a learner is, what they know, and what they need to do. By aligning learning to individual needs and business objectives, we make manufacturing training smarter.

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Get new hires performing faster with learning that minimizes time to contribution.

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Minimize risk with adaptive compliance training that guarantees mastery.

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Develop and retain your people with learning that closes skills gaps in your organization.

Discover our Manufacturing Library

Our Manufacturing library offers a practical and realistic approach to training on modern manufacturing methodologies to help learners keep up-to-speed in an ever-changing market. Developed in partnership with the market’s best subject matter experts, our content is mobile-responsive, taking into account the working environments of employees from the shop floor to the boardroom.

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Gamification and a story-driven design bring real-world scenarios to life, helping to reinforce learning through knowledge application.

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Built-in refresher training shortens time spent on recurring compliance training and content can be drip-fed to keep training requirements simple.



Learning Pool-authored content allows you to add your branding, change images, edit colors and fonts, reference internal policies, and emphasize your message to make the course content truly your own.

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