Mythbusters: Learning Design Theory Tested

Part 3 of 'The Invisible and the Disruptive: Learning Experience Design in Action'
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Whether based on industry dogma, business culture, or academic reports, Learning Experience Design isn’t short on opinions that shape our approach to the content we create. But how many of these hold up to scrutiny? 

This webinar is all about putting those common Learning Experience Design tropes under the microscope and seeing which ones fall down and which are worth embracing.

During this webinar, Head of Learning Experience, Jack Quantrill will be myth-busting with two of our Learning Designers, Faye Dixon and Alex Peterson.

Join us as we explore:

Common learning experience design tropes and theory that sits behind them

Real projects and ‘war stories’ that offer some real-world experience of these things in action

How to engage with stakeholders and clients about these subjects - and help win them round when they’re stuck on one of these tropes

The Invisible and the Disruptive: Learning Experience Design in Action
is a 3-part webinar series hosted by our talented Learning Experience Team. The term ‘Learning Experience’ has become common parlance in the industry but how does it change the way we approach developing content? We’ll provide fascinating insight and practical tips to help you make the most of this shift in approach.


Watch the webinar on-demand


Jack Quantrill
Head of Learning Experience
Jack has been developing online learning for over a decade. In that time, he has created and advised on learning for organisations as diverse as Barclays, The Ministry of Defence, Vodafone, DHL, Ofcom, RBS and E.ON. Having also led learning initiatives for The FA and Boots as an internal L&D professional, Jack always focuses on the wider context of learning experiences.
Faye Dixon
Senior Learning Designer
Faye is a Senior Learning Designer whose responsibilities include leading on projects, writing presales, supporting newer team members, as well as designing and scripting solutions. She’s led on large projects for Avon and has developed an innovative suite of Data Protection modules for our new Foundation Skills catalogue.
Alex Peterson
Content Quality Analyst
Alex started her career in learning as a QA, before graduating to scriptwriter. She now does a bit of both in her role as content QA, reviewing courses from a learner perspective to ensure they flow correctly, read well, function as expected, and most importantly fulfil the learning objectives. Alex has probably done more e-learning courses than anyone else in the business, so she knows good learning when she sees it.