A comprehensive learning platform for the oil, gas and energy industry

Learning Pools helps oil, gas and energy companies stay compliant and competitive with engaging elearning that aligns with rapidly evolving industry standards.

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Learning Pool is changing how oil, gas and energy companies get their people performance-ready with learning experiences informed by the use of intelligent data.

Learning and development needs across the oil, gas and energy industry are unique. Exploration, refining and distribution in the oil, gas and alternative energy sources have become complicated processes as new technologies are introduced to maximize production. These technologies, as well as changing environmental regulations, continue to reinvent the industry. For companies in the energy sector to remain proactive and at the leading edge of the industry, they need agile, up-to-date and purposeful learning at their fingertips delivered at scale to a large, and often highly dispersed, workforce. Learning Pool delivers a “one-size-fits-one” experience at scale by applying insights into who a learner is, what they know, and what they need to do to learning in real-time. By aligning learning to both personal goals and business objectives, we deliver extraordinary outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.

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Turn new hires into extraordinary performers with onboarding training that minimizes time to mastery

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Drive extraordinary growth through compliance that builds trust inside and out of your company

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Identify the extraordinary talent in your company and develop the next generation of leaders

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