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OLX Content or Conversation: What’s Your Focus?

I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but there’s a piece of content that just seems to stick with me.

I find myself consuming it over and over again, being able to recount chunks of it almost verbatim and sharing it with others time and time again.

For me, this particular piece of content is the BT (British Telecom) “Dare 2 Share” story on YouTube.


99% of the time it’s a particular section of that video that I draw people’s attention to which runs from 2:57 to 3:07 in which Peter Butler states:

 “…and so it creates that dialogue around the content that’s been uploaded and it’s the dialogue around the content where the learning is really happening”

I draw people’s attention to this section of the video to raise their awareness (prick their conscience?) around considering the value that conversation brings around the content – as opposed to their focus being solely on the content.

This has hit home quite recently as I’ve been designing a Massive Open Online Course (OLX) entitled ‘How To Create An Outstanding OLX’ using the Learning Pool Platform.

Course page for ‘How to Create an Outstanding OLX’

Create Conversation

The Learning Pool Platform has ‘conversation’ woven into it’s DNA as each object (piece of content) you place into the course prompts you to add a ‘discussion point’.

Of course there’s more to initiating a great conversation than a piece of software prompting you to do so, as you need to consider types of question, inclusive questioning etc but the fact that the trigger is there certainly forces you to consider the value that the social element can bring.

Encourage reflection and conversation directly from within your course


My challenge to you is then next time you create/curate a piece of content, spend some valuable time considering how and where you are going to promote and facilitate the conversation around the content.

Remember what Peter says!

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