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Choose Email Processing

Ability to choose the processing location of emails

Venue event triggers

Upgrade the Automation Workflow to have pre-defined triggers for Venue Events with available xAPI

Include Sender Name ‘Persona’ in Emails

Have options within Automation to customise the ‘Sender Name’ of their emails

Completion Date, Available Date and Due Date added as Global Variables

Surface Completion date, Available date, and Due date in Automation’s Global variable to be readily used within the Workflow

Automation Rebranding

This is a rebranding initiative to update the ‘Waves’ brand and progressively move towards Automation branding.

Catch Webhook Trigger Type

Allows for greater flexibility when triggering workflows in Automation by being able to start a workflow from data received from an outside services, pending verification of use case eligibility in setup with Learning Pool.

Shopify Integration

A new trigger to start a workflow in stream automation whenever an order is made in Shopify.

Send HTTP Request Workflow Item

Campaign Managers can send JSON data to any server via an HTTP request. Using the HTTP Node allows for the Get, Set, Post, Patch, and Delete requests, pending verification of use case eligibility in setup with Learning Pool.

Retrieve xAPI information

Automation’s “Retrieve xAPI Information” feature allows Campaign Managers to get specific details within the xAPI statement sent to Automation. The information retrieved can be shared through other items in the Workflow, meaning that it can be sent out using those items.

Upgrade to Node v18

Upgrade Automation to Node v18 to prepare for the previous version’s end of life. This can help Automation with its performance as we may notice a reduction in response times, and CPU usage of EC2s in AWS.

Recurrent trigger for re-enrolment

Enhance Automation’s usability for typical client scenarios for re-compliance.

Send Yapster Message

Stream Automation can send private messages to learners’ Yapster accounts directly.

Coming soon

Resolve Pentest Results

Technical debt to keep up to date with pentest security standards

Send LXP Notifications to a Communications Tool

Recognise when there is a Notification in LXP and forward this notification to any of the current communications Workflow item

Update Learner Information on the fly

Automation Workflows to use updated learner information, for example, learner email, even when the Workflow starts


Bulk Job Termination

Upgrade the current job termination feature in Automation, which is deleting one job at a time, to a process where jobs can be terminated in bulk.

Time-bound communications

Only send communications during a specified time. For example, within office hours.

Scaling and Sustainable Engineering

We plan to Scale Automation Workers to accommodate higher loads and prevent fallovers. The initial scaling will focus on the most commonly used Workflow items.

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