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New collection: Customer Service in the Public Sector

Added to our Public Sector library covering all aspects of customer service and oriented to a PS setting.

New lessons: Autism Awareness Levels 1 & 2

Replacing ‘Understanding Autism Tier 1’ and ‘Intemediate Knowledge and Skills for working with Autistic People’ with new, updated content and a fresh look & feel.

Infectious Disease Awareness

In this course designed for workers in the hospitality sector, learners will gain skills in understanding and recognising signs and symptoms of infectious disease and learn valuable strategies in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace.


Collection: Health and Safety Level 2

New collection: Project Management: The Project Lifecycle

The first of two new collections based around Project Management – this one, focusing on all aspects of the project lifecycle, and another collection focused on the human skills essential to being a project manager.

Coming soon

New AI Conversations – Change Management

Following on from the success of our Managing Performance collection of AI Conversations, we’ll release 3 new conversations based around the topic of Change Management (with more topics planned further down the line).

New collection – Change Management: Change for Leaders

Companion piece to our Change Management: Embracing Change collection

Project Management: Human Skills

This is the second collection which will replace our current Project Management offering, that details the essential human/personal skills needed to be a successful project manager.

New collection: Project Management: The Project Lifecycle

The first of two new collections based around Project Management. This one focuses on all aspects of the project lifecycle and another collection will be focused on the human skills essential to being a project manager.

Introduction to First Aid

Collection: Health and Safety Level 1

Digital Literacy

Collection: TBA

Workers Protection Act

Collection: Public Sector

Hidden Disabilities

Collection: EDI

Cyber Security Collection Review

A review of our Cyber Security Collection

Collaboration and Communication

New Collection Review

Sales and Negotiation

Updated Lessons and Content in Development of our Sales and Negotiation Collection


Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

New Collection

Uniquely Female

New Collection

Onboarding – Getting Started in Your New Job

New Collection

Adaptability and Critical Thinking

Collection Review

OTS Programs: Life Skills

LXP Programs designed to focus on those things we should’ve been taught in school – budgeting and debt, career progression, budgeting and finance

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