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Consumer Duty collection

FCA’s Consumer Duty lesson in the Financial Services collection

Micro-behaviours lesson

In the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion collection

Coming soon

Communicating with customers in Financial Services module

New in Financial Services

Children: DoLS module

New for Social Care and Health

Induction and Onboarding collection

New onboarding collection

Future Skills in Spanish

Translating Future Skills into Spanish


New Financial Services Insurance Collection

As part of the Financial Services library

New Collections in Life Skills Library

Topics including Insurance, Savings and Loans; Owning a Home: Mortgages & Financing; Workplace Learning: Entering and Returning; Career Boosting Skills; and Change Management Phase 1.

Cyber Security collection refresh

Data Protection lessons and Smart Revision

New Public Service Customer Service collection

Two Customer Service collections, one specialized for Public Service

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