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Content Collection Block

Similar to the Course and Program Lists block, the Content collection allows you to combine the courses and programs on the LMS into a interactive block.

Appraisal Graphical Reporting

Allows you to graph the results of any aggregate questions within appraisals.

Program Lists Block

The Program Lists block is designed to display an interactive and responsive list of programs in a horizontal scrolling row.

Course Lists Block

Display your available courses in a nicely designed, easy to navigate way using the Course Lists Block. The block will list the courses in an interactive and responsive manner, displaying them in a horizontal scrolling row.

Coming soon

Skills Builder Integration

Associate skills with LMS courses and recommend content to learners. Recommend training like never before, with an entirely new dedicated platform housing content and skills together. Use single sign on to access Skills Builder itself for an entirely seamless experience.

Personalisation Filter

The personalization filter is a plugin that filters text and replaces it with user-specific information. This will allow administrators and instructors to enter personalized text into courses.

Upgrade PHP 8

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are working on enhancements to the underlying architecture and software versions of the platform, including upgrading to PHP 8. PHP 8 can improve the user experience with faster load and response times, as well as enhance security by preventing potential breaches and ensuring the safety of customer data.


Various bug fixes

Performance improvement

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