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Configurable Landing Page

This enhancement will allow administrators to designate a specific URL as the default landing page for all users upon logging in when the learner dashboard is not the right destination for the organisation.

Upcoming Events Preview

A dedicated preview on the LXP showcasing upcoming events that learners can sign up to.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Provide the option to enable two factor authentication

Manager Assignment of Learning Experiences

Providing Managers the ability to assign Learning Experiences to their direct reports

Certificate Download Enhancements

An enhancement to the user profile page providing access to certificate downloads, offering increased accessibility for learners, managers, and administrators. Learners can conveniently download their certificates, reinforcing their achievements and promoting motivation. Meanwhile, managers and administrators can now access the same area to efficiently retrieve and manage certificates on behalf of learners, streamlining training administration and compliance tracking. This feature ensures a seamless experience for all users, empowering learners’ recognition, aiding managerial oversight, and simplifying administrative tasks.

Resource Completion Inheritance

An enhancement to the way in which the LXP handles resource completions. With this feature enabled at organisation and object level, completing a resource within an object will mark the same resource complete if it is shared among any other objects/learning experiences that also has this new setting enabled, reducing the time spent by learners on duplicate learning objects.

Upload Custom Profile Fields via CSV Import

The ability to upload custom profile field data for users via the user import CSV.

CPD Reporting for Managers

Basic reporting on CPD for Managers in the My Team area for their direct reports.

Upload of Passwords in Bulk

The ability to include a password on the CSV upload and User Provisioning and that password will be set for the user on the platform.

Bulk Completion Date Upload

Allows Admins to apply learning experience completion dates for learners in bulk via the CSV upload feature.

CPD Support

Allowing for the assignment, tracking & user reporting on CPD completions in the platform.

My Team reporting at-a-glance (visualisation)

To enable Team Managers to be able to see team member progress against mandatory enrolments at a glance in an easily accessible place in the front-end.

My Team compliance reporting

Allow managers to be able to find out detailed the status of mandatory courses for their team members.

Manage linking learning experiences to groups at scale

Link learning experiences to groups though the use of tags.

Mandatory Enrolments Report

Report shows all ‘Mandatory’ enrolments for the entire Organisation which can be exported in CSV format.

Upgrade to PHP 8

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are working on enhancements to the underlying architecture and software versions of the platform, including upgrading to PHP 8. PHP 8 can improve the user experience with faster load and response times, as well as enhance security by preventing potential breaches and ensuring the safety of customer data.

Skills Builder

Learning Pool Skills Builder is a dynamic, AI-powered skills management system for the modern workforce. Collect real-time information about the skills of your workforce as well as the unique skills trends in your market. Organize that data in an actionable, scalable way so that you can get the most out of the skills your people have today and assign relevant learning opportunities to in order to close your most pressing skills gap

Coming soon

Learning Experience Progress in My Team

Expand the Learning Experience view to show the status of individual objects within a Learning Experience in the My Team area

Manager Approval

A convenient and efficient way for team members to request approval for attending events. Empowers managers to evaluate requests based on relevant criteria, will encourage open communication, and will ensure that team members can participate in valuable professional development opportunities with the necessary approvals in place.

CPD Requirements

A comprehensive system for tracking and managing industry-specific CPD requirements. Streamlines professional development activities and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Self-registration Enhancement

This will enable admins to set up an ‘allow-list’ of email domains that are allowed to self-register on the LXP.

Upgrade to Laravel 9

Enhanced security through the latest patches and safeguards, improved performance for faster application execution, and access to new features and functionalities that can enhance our development process and user experience. Ensures our application remains reliable, efficient, and well-supported within the active community.


Learner Upload of Evidence

Provide learners with the ability to upload evidence of learning / training that occurred off platform.

Group-based rules for compliance training

The ability to configure compliance settings based on groups rather than the learning experience.


Provide Admins to ability to create surveys that can be attached to learning experiences for learners to complete such as pre and post learning surveys.

xAPI Audit

Full audit of xAPI generated by LXP

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