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Skills Builder


In-App Notifications

All existing notifications will be moved from email type to in-app type. Notifications can be marked read/unread including the ability to show only unread notifications

Admin Panel V2

The enhancement of the current Admin Panel minimises dev efforts and speeds up the process while onboarding new clients. It provides admin functions that allow white labelling configurations.

Platform integration of Skills Builder

Integration of user/org provisioning, authentication, data & analytics, reporting, content and functionality including a common UI/UX.

Customer-specific Skills

An interface that allows Managers to modify the name and description of Skills / Synonyms in order to better reflect their company’s vision, as well as make the Company logo visible in front of the skill to make it clear to employees which Skill are custom synonyms.

Manager Skills Assessment feature batch

Managers suggest a new proficiency level for a Skill, suggest Skills be added/removed, and highlight changes in proficiency levels on an Employee’s Skill Passport

Coming soon

Curation Admin User Interface Skills

Improving the internal curation to build further scale and quality of the Ontology Data Base (Specifically for Skills)

Curation Admin User Interface Jobs

Improving the internal curation to build further scale and quality of the Ontology Data Base (Specifically for Jobs)

Ontology refactoring

Performance improvement


Multiple Configurations within an Organization

Building further flexibility and resilience in implementation approach. This enhancement allows multiple configurations across the Organization and their suborganizations.

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