Create and maintain skills profiles for your workforce

A skills-first approach to training allows companies to efficiently close the gap between where an employee is and where they need to be in order to achieve their goals. Learning Pool Skills Builder offers companies a way to manage their skills development at scale. And it’s as adaptable to change as your business needs to be, allowing you to focus on setting the goals and objectives that will help your business to thrive.

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Get agile with skills management

skills builder

Identify organizational skills gaps

Get a complete view of how your company’s skills match up with organizational goals so that personalized, purposeful learning can be assigned.

Create opportunities for mobility

Use insight into the skills and ambitions of each employee to build more agile teams and develop the next generation of talent.

Future-proof your workforce

Use market data to uncover workforce trends and highlight the skills that your business needs to develop now and in the future.

A modern approach to skills development

skills builder

A flexible ontology

Skills Builder organizes skills data to be responsive to changes in how skills are described, valued, or connected. Skills Builder’s proprietary ontology is built on over 10 years of job market data on 21,000 unique skills from across the world.

Continuous updates

Skills Builder updates its market data weekly via a variety of data sources, and it integrates with a number of different skills standards and statistical sources to capture emerging trends. This continuous stream of data and use of machine learning to identify the relationships puts Skills Builder at the forefront the skills tech market.

Real-time insights

Skills Builder makes it easy to maintain a nimble, competitive workforce by spotlighting skills that might transfer across functions or jobs, in-demand and declining skills, and shifts in the skills required to perform a job.

skills builder

Feature snapshot

Individual skills profiles

Empower your team to populate rich skills profiles that include multiple proficiency levels per skill, preferences settings, and a variety of skills sources.

Learning recommendations

Upskill your team where its most important and urgent by tying skills profiles to learning.

Advanced analytics

Data intelligence is informed by both workforce metrics and market benchmarking.

External market data

Stay on top of the latest trends in skills and jobs.

Internal marketplace

Easily identify team members who have the skills to fill a vacancy or contribute to a project.

User-based curation

Allow your employees to suggest new and emerging skills.

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