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Talking to the Business with GoCardless

Talking to the Business – A new Learning Pool series


‘1 in 2 L&D leaders are under more pressure than ever to show value-add to stakeholders’ (Fosway 2021)

One of the L&D pain points that comes out most strongly in industry surveys is the function’s lack of standing in the business. Learning professionals often report that in conversations with in-house stakeholders there is a sense of ‘two sides talking past each other’.

As they advance in their careers, some professionals can see their way ahead blocked by a lack of mutual understanding. Part of this is about struggling to talk to internal clients and stakeholders in terms the business understands. So, how should L&D talk to the business?


Talking to the Business

Our new video series, ‘Talking to the Business‘ is directed at answering that exact question. We have interviewed several Learning Pool clients, colleagues and friends asking them about their experience of getting senior leadership teams to see the value in investment in L&D.

Throughout this series, we will share stories that will:

  • Connect L&D people to a community of others like themselves who are experiencing and overcoming similar challenges
  • Give practical strategies, tips and tricks for operating effectively in the modern organizational context


Talking to the Business with GoCardless

In this next instalment, Federico Presicci at GoCardless discusses the challenges of training a team of sales leaders whose mentality is to “keep the sellers selling.” Here, Federico shares how he has increased interaction with a new sales curriculum that links key psychological traits and high performance in the business. He also shares his three top tips for ‘talking to the business’ which includes linking learning objectives with key business metrics.

Watch the interview below:


Explore the full series here.

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