Technical Requirements

In order to get the most out of your Learning Pool subscription, please review the Technical Requirements tables below:

Test Coverage and Support

QA has reviewed our testing requirements for Learning Pool’s

  • Stream LMS
  • Stream LXP
  • Stream Events
  • Stream Authoring tools ( Adapt & Poet)
  • Stream Authoring content (Adapt & Scholar)
  • Stream Data Cloud
  • Stream Analytics (includes IQ)
  • Stream Automation
  • LMS & LXP phone apps

This page outlines the browsers and operating systems that will be used for both desktop and mobile testing. It also outlines the minimum versions for browsers and operating systems that will be supported in terms of bug fixing.


Test operating systems and desktop browsers testing will be performed on the latest stable release of each browser listed below:

Minimum supported desktop browser versions

Any bugs or issues found on any of the browser versions listed below will be addressed. 


Test operating systems and browsers

Testing will be performed on various mobile devices with the latest operating systems and browsers listed below.

Minimum supported mobile operating systems

Any bugs or issues found on any of the operating systems listed below will be addressed.

Operating System
iOS (14+)
Android (11+)


Please note:

  • Stream Data Cloud, Analytics, Authoring tools and Automation do not support mobile browsers due to the nature of those products.
  • Also, for the best experience and optimum security with all products, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.
  • The LMS & LXP phone apps are supported on the above versions of iOS and Android.