Understanding Not Just Another Elearning Course: Part Three

08 October 2019 by Libby Cross

We have now come to the end of our second Open Learning Experience (OLX) of the year with Not Just Another E-learning Course, a three-part interactive and social learning experience, designed to help L&D departments craft more engaging learning experiences for less. 

Starting with part one, ‘When and Why to Try a New Approach’, we introduced the concept of the modern learner and what this might mean for approaches to L&D in 2019. These first few levels explored the changing demographics of the learners within your organizations, the increase in the need for on-demand and mobile learning experiences and the transition from Instructional Design (ID) to Learning Experience Design (LXD). 

Moving onto part two, ‘Structuring Your Learning Experience’ we delved into the how and why of curating resources for online learning, specifically giving attention to the process of repurposing old content to make it more relevant today, as well as demonstrating the best way to structure a course to achieve higher engagement amongst learners. 

Part Three: Key Learning Points 

Heading into the final instalment of the OLX, ‘Curating and Creating Success’ we turned our attention to the dos and don’ts of effectively curating resources for online learning. This included tips for curating content that is relevant, up-to-date, and most importantly, adheres to strict copyright laws. And if you’d like to delve into that a little further, you can also read our blog Developing Content: Curate Don’t Create

Below you’ll find the key learning points from the second instalment of this OLX, as well as the learning resources used to help aid your understanding. Recap on part-3 here: 

Key Learning ¦ Understanding how to effectively curate content that meets your learning objectives

Resource ¦ How to Curate Content for Learning 

Key Learning ¦ Understanding where you can find good quality content from

Resource ¦ 20 Free Sources of Learning Content for Curation

Key Learning ¦ Understanding when to repurpose, curate or create for the best results

Resource ¦ The Cherry on Top – Creating Content


Missed out on the experience? Fear not! The content from our OLX is still available, sign-up now and start the course from Week 1.

Libby Cross
Senior Marketing Executive

Libby graduated from the University of Winchester in May 2018 with a degree in Media and Communication and soon after joined HT2 Labs as a Digital Communications Officer.

Following their acquisition in June 2019, Libby is now a Senior Marketing Executive at Learning Pool and with a keen interest in content marketing, Libby’s day-to-day involves blog writing, press releases, case studies and more!

Outside of work, Libby enjoys all things health and fitness related, including long walks and morning swims. Having spent 9-weeks travelling Central and South America before University, Libby is a keen traveller and you’ll often find her planning her next trip with her partner.

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