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Improve recruitment and retention with upskilling and learning that creates opportunities for growth

For companies to develop the rising stars in their organization, they need to offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities that empower people to pursue their goals. Learning Pool builds dynamic upskilling and reskilling opportunities around individual skills profiles, real-time market data, and organizational objectives. By aligning learning to an individual’s ambitions and opportunities for impact, we create extraordinary outcomes for individuals and companies alike.

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on the job training

Skills management

Flexible skills profiles identify a company’s skills and skills gaps, allowing them to train and deploy their people where they are needed most.

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Self-directed learning

Empower people to drive their own development journey with deep search, automated learning recommendations, and workflow learning.


Intuitive analytics

Actionable data visualizations make it easy to identify the top performers and fast risers in your organization.

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Empower your team

Tomorrow’s challenges can only be met if you can count on your people. Learning Pool’s upskilling solution allows your people to direct their own development journey with self-directed and social learning, as well as automated recommendations.

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Find your rising stars

There is extraordinary talent in your organization. Learning Pool’s upskilling and reskilling solution uses social and gamification techniques, advanced course formats, and analytics to make it easier to find and develop those people into your next generation of leaders.

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Attract and retain talent

Upskilling and reskilling opportunities are proven to attract top talent because they demonstrate a commitment to professional development and career progression. Learning Pool’s upskilling solution offers both the employee and the organization a clear understanding of how their current skill set matches up with organizational goals so that personalized, purposeful learning can be assigned.

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Understand impact

Exceptional upskilling should have tangible benefits for the organization as well as the individual. By using intelligent data and BI-powered analytics to tie learning to the outcomes that matter most to your business, Learning Pool’s upskilling solution makes it easy to measure impact.

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