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Create Effective Learning Experiences

How to Create Effective Learning Experiences in 2021

A Chief Learning Officer webinar: How to Create Effective Learning Experiences in 2021

Whether you’re part of an internal development team or looking to commission new online learning projects, 2021 is bound to throw up some fresh challenges. From dealing with a more remote workforce to making the most out of the new learning technologies and tools at your disposal, how can you ensure that the content you deliver this year will actually make a difference?

This webinar will explore a range of different techniques suited to creating two broad types of learning experiences; the disruptive that are bound to capture your audience’s attention, and the invisible that fall neatly into your employees’ workflow. We will also see how a combination of the two can take the impact that your learning experiences deliver to another level.

Along the way we’ll share some stand out examples that the Learning Pool team have delivered with clients on both sides of the Atlantic and answer questions you might have about learning experience development.

Jack Quantrill, Learning Pool

Jack Quantrill

Director of Learning Experience

Jack has been developing online learning for over a decade. In that time, he has created and advised on learning for organisations as diverse as Barclays, The Ministry of Defence, Vodafone, DHL, Lidl, the IOC and FIFA.

Having also led learning initiatives for The FA and Boots as an internal L&D professional, Jack always focuses on the wider context of learning experiences. Considering organisation culture, motivational factors, delivery platforms and success measures, he works to ensure that what looks good on paper makes a positive difference in reality.

Stefan Eger, Learning Pool

Stefan Eger

Senior Learning Designer

He talks to clients about what they need and help them refine their ideas. Depending on the project, he draws up what he thinks is the best learning solution for his client and develops the script.