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From education to learning – helping learners find what matters, when it matters

Education tells people what’s important. Learning enables people to seek out what’s important to them.

At Learning Pool, we’ve been developing Learning Experiences, Masterclasses, and curated solutions for self-directed learning. We want to give learners everything they need in one place, presented in a way that’s simple to navigate, easy to understand and useful.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Why we’re creating more and more of these types of learning solutions
  • What we mean by Learning Experiences, Masterclasses and self-directed learning
  • The ’How’ – our methodology for creating learning experiences
  • Best use cases for when these types of solutions really work
  • Some practical tips of what to do – and what to avoid.



Stefan Eger, Learning Pool

Stefan Eger

Senior Learning Designer

Stefan is a Senior Learning Designer – He talks to clients about what they need and help them refine their ideas. Depending on the project, he draws up what he thinks is the best learning solution for his client and develops the script. Before joining Learning Pool, he used to be a face-to-face trainer for a utility company. In Stefan’s time here, he has worked on projects for EDF Energy, Sainsbury’s, OSTC and of course our very own catalogue of off-the-shelf learning!

Rosie Scott profile pic

Rosie Scott

Learning Design Manager

Rosie has worked in Learning Design for e-learning since 2011. Rosie believes in the power of stories to facilitate learning and loves to bring her creativity to even the driest of content. She is excited to see how learning is being incorporated more and more into people’s normal working lives. She has a regular column in Learning Technologies Awards e-magazine.