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Going Beyond Diversity: A Call for Inclusion

Going Beyond Diversity: A Call for Inclusion


No matter the order the abbreviations are presented (ED&I, DE&I or DI&B), Equality, Diversity and Inclusion impact us all. Never has it been more critical to recognize and redefine EDI training in the workplace. It is vital that organizations recognize that belonging is a necessary part of workplace inclusion because it is a necessary part of the human experience.

For this Learning Pool webinar, Content Library Product Manager, Lauren Bradley was joined by Stella Chandler, Director of Development at Focal Point Training and Consultancy and Rosie Scott, Senior Learning Designer at Learning Pool. During the session, the panel had open conversation about the challenges of unconscious bias, tackling the challenge of making sure employees feel heard and what we can do to drive a positive culture of inclusion and belonging.

They also discussed the development of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training, how 2020 shifted the way we work, live and learn, and what we can do to support organizations in driving an inclusive culture.




Lauren Bradley

Content Library Product Manager

Lauren is responsible for the direction and develop

Rosie Scott, Learning Pool

Rosie Scott

Senior Learning Designer

Rosie has worked in Learning Design for e-learning since 2011. Rosie believes in the power of stories to facilitate learning and loves to bring her creativity to even the driest of content. She is excited to see how learning is being incorporated more and more into people’s normal working lives.

Stella Chandler Focal Point

Stella Chandler

Director of Development, Focal Point

Focal Point Training specializes in helping organizations tackle inappropriate behaviour and build more inclusive working environments. Stella has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach in a wide range of organizations, including government departments and not-for-profit organizations.