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Journey to Extraordinary Webinar

Journey to Extraordinary – An LSG Webinar

Journey to Extraordinary – An LSG Webinar

Developing skills to improve performance and retention across your organisation

Extraordinary things happen when companies invest in their people. Join Ben Betts to find out how learning and development can move from just implementing their organisation’s strategy to helping drive it. By putting an organisation’s people at the heart of everything we do we can not only increase internal skills and capability but also ensure our people are confident and capable and that they have the ability to drive the future direction of the organisation.


Ben Betts, Learning Pool

Ben Betts

Chief Executive Officer

Ben serves as CEO for Learning Pool, the e-learning solutions provider empowering organizations to deliver extraordinary learning outcomes with its comprehensive suite of innovative technologies. Previously, Ben served as Chief Product Officer for Learning Pool where he worked to help define and develop Learning Pool’s next generation of workplace digital learning platforms, with a focus on Learning Experience Platforms and the Learning Analytics space.