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L&D in 2023: New opportunities, same challenges

What’s on the mind of L&D in 2023?

What’s new in learning and development in 2023? A whole lot. The impact of the pandemic is not over, but L&D practitioners world-wide are shifting away from the reaction to lockdown that we saw last year and are embracing new technologies, and one in particular – Artificial Intelligence. 

L&D’s fascination with the promise of data, which seemed to have peaked in 2020, is back, and how. In this webinar, Donald H Taylor will look back over 10 years of the L&D Global Sentiment Survey to put the results for 2023 in context. Are we really heading into a new world of AI-driven L&D, or simply dazzled by new technology? And what about ideas that had seemed so hot in the past, like collaboration and coaching? – are they maintaining the strong showing of previous years?

During the session, Donald will explain the key themes in L&D that emerged from his survey, answered by over 3,000 people worldwide. He’ll look at major trends, geographical differences and why some ideas linger while others fade.

  • Technology’s return as a dominant theme in L&D’s thinking
  • The challenges we’re facing across the world
  • Persistent differences across geographies, and where they come from
  • How L&D seems easily distracted by online chatter
  • The five-year bounce – how some ideas return and others don’t


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Don Taylor

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor, lead researcher, L&D Global Sentiment Survey

A recognised commentator and thinker in the fields of workplace learning and supporting technologies, Donald is committed to helping develop the learning and development profession. From 2010 to 2021, he chaired the Learning and Performance Institute.

Anna Lloyd

Anna Lloyd

Director of Product

Anna is a highly experienced digital education and training specialist, working in education and training product development and management for the past 10 years.