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Stop Building Courses. Start Building Experiences – A Training Industry Webinar

Stop Building Courses. Start Building Experiences.

A Training Industry webinar

When we think of a quality learning experience, we often think of a well-designed course or learning object: appealing visuals, interactive elements, and pertinent information. While content is a critical component of the learner experience, it’s not the only one. True Learner Experience (LX) design requires that we ensure we are designing for the right workflow thus ensuring we are targeting the needs of today’s modern learners. Using the right tools helps ensure you’re maximizing impact by providing the right experiences to the right learners to encourage the desired behavior.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar where our very own Chief eXperience Officer, Dr. Page Chen, will take us on a journey to extraordinary, starting with a brief history of workplace learning and addressing the question “Have we changed with the times?” Page will then look at each stage of the employee learning lifecycle and share tips for how using Stream Learning Suite allows for building different types of learning experiences based on different workflows during an employee’s learning journey. 

This webinar will:

  • cover a brief history and review the past mistakes of the early learning ecosystems.
  • offer strategies for moving your design thinking forward from UX to LX.
  • share a model for understanding how each stage of the employee lifecycle requires something different to provide the appropriate learning experience to meet learner expectations.
  • cover how an integrated learning suite can save you time and money- all while offering something more than a collection of disparate learning tools.


Page Chen, Learning Pool

Page Chen

Chief eXperience Officer

Previously the CEO of Remote Learner, following Learning Pool’s acquisition of the Colorado-based company (December of 2020), Page now serves as Chief eXperience Officer for Learning Pool Group. Regularly invited to speak at conferences and events around the world or consult on learning experiences designs for fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, or Universities, she excels at helping customers identify their core requirements and then leading a team to deliver a scalable digital learning solution for them that exceeds their desired results.