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From Netflix to Facebook, it’s never been easier for people to be fully immersed across a variety of platforms. Every site is stylised, easily-accessible, and mobile ready.

The digital landscape and your mobile audience is more populated than ever, and it’s revolutionised the way people think about accessing content. Long gone are the days when users saw e-learning as a necessary evil, filled with next buttons and basic layouts. Users are more aware of what online resources can do, and they expect their web experiences to stay high quality regardless of what it is they’re accessing.

What does this mean for me?

When you create e-learning content, the end point is no longer a traditional desktop. Learners are accessing the information they need on the go, and as such you need to have content that’s workable across not just desktops, but laptops, tablets, and phone screens. Users want to get involved at the touch of a button – as long as that button doesn’t say “next”.

And all of this accessibility needs to be beautifully presented in a sleek, image-focused, easy-to-read design.

That’s why Adapt has become so popular in the world of learning & development. It’s designed with HTML5, which means that it transitions effortlessly from desktop, to tablet, to mobile. Learning in Adapt is anything but basic – it perfectly mimics the modern, sleek web experiences users are used to from social and other sites, and brings it into the learning and development sphere. There are no boring, blank backgrounds and endless next buttons. Adapt is image-focused, design conscious, and offers interactivity that mimics casual web use, and that’s a great way to keep users interested and engaged.

Adapt-based learning is enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and available on-demand. Everything your users are used to getting from their modern web experiences, built with clean lines, beautiful images, and deep-scrolling.

What are you waiting for?

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